Our favorite influencers @stanlucas.m and @charlottemolernaar00, famous for their inspiring video's on tiktok and their beautiful instagram content, made a selection with sunnies essentials for this summer! They both handpicked 3 styles which are the absolute must-haves for the upcoming sunnies season.


Charlotte is known for her fashion-sense. This is also reflected in the sunglasses she has selected. The sleek shapes of the Seville and Phoenix but also the unique colour combination of the Zurich Oversized are absolute eye-catchers. Whether casual or chic, according to Charlotte, these sunglasses complete any look!


Stan understands style and the latest fashion trends, and his choice of favourite sunglasses makes this even more evident. His chosen models are timeless, stylish and, above all, durable. The Seville, Phoenix and Bilbao are all unisex styles with a timeless character through the mix of modern and classic shapes and colours. Statement pieces that are nevertheless easy to combine with any outfit.