Lisbon Tortoise

€99.90 incl. VAT.



  • optimal eye protection against dangerous blue light as well as UVA and UVB rays due to blue light filter
  • transparent premium lenses with special coating (anti-reflective)
  • extra hardened lenses for increased scratch protection
  • comfortable, lightweight frame
  • protection against blue light on all screens
  • higher precision on screens
  • Width: 139mm, Temple length: 145mm, Glass width: 50mm, Glass height: 45,5mm

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Get the look - with our Lisbon Tortoise you will attract attention, as these stylish glasses convince with their exciting design as well as their high quality made of first-class bio-acetate! The strikingly designed glasses frame captivates with its extravagant shape design, a modern mix of round and square, combined with an elegantly patterned color choice of various shades of brown. An absolute statement piece for all aesthetics-loving glasses lovers!



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