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Are you looking for a backpack that not only scores with a lot of storage space, but also with a stylish clean design? Then our Aarhus Oyster is the perfect backpack for you! Its straight cut and its subtle color scheme in light shell grey make it an absolute eye-catcher – made of water-repellent, vegan tech material and recycled PET, small traces of everyday life can be easily removed, so that the cool look of the Aarhus stays with you for a long time! With 14 liter capacity, and equipped with a total of three exterior compartments, four interior compartments and an extra padded 16 inch laptop compartment – you can easily keep order and avoid unnecessary chaos in your large backpack. The back and the straps are ergonomically shaped and specially padded, so that a high wearing comfort is guaranteed. Whether for school or university, everyday life in the office or the next hiking tour with friends – our backpack Aarhus Oyster is the perfect companion and a true all-rounder, because here practical functionality meets cool design!
SKU: 4251145208592


Vegan Tech Material
Color Inside
Color Outside
Material Inside
Recycled PET
Material Straps
Polyester, Vegan tech material
Material Outside
Vegan tech material
Closing Mechanism
14 liters
Computer Pocket
16 inch (35cm x 25cm x 3cm)
e.g. 16 inch MacBook Pro
e.g.. 15 inch Surface Laptop 3
Additional Pockets
Four interior compartments, one of which has a zipper. One large and one small exterior front compartment with water resistant zipper, additional exterior back compartment also with water resistant zipper.


Aarhus Oyster Aarhus Oyster
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