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Elegant, classic and trendy at the same time - this is our Crush Gold Steel with a 36mm diameter. Its elegant gold-colored bezel, in combination with a cream-white watch face, creates a timeless design that can be combined in many ways. While its high-quality 316l stainless steel case is particularly robust, the precise quartz movement from the Swiss manufacturer Ronda forms the heart of the Crush Gold Steel. The chic look of the watch is rounded off by a shiny 18mm stainless steel strap, which is nickel-free and therefore also suitable for those prone to allergies. Thanks to the butterfly clasp you can easily open and close the watch strap. In addition, our Crush Gold Steel is water resistant to 5 ATM, so you can wear it even when showering and sweating on hot days, traveling or doing sports. This makes the Crush Gold Steel watch the perfect accessory for all those who like it elegant and practical at the same time!
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36 mm
Dial color
Case Color
Strap Type


Crush Gold Steel Crush Gold Steel
1. Diameter
36 mm
2. Strap Type
3. Dial color
4. Case Color
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