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With the sunglasses Deià by Christin Kaeber you are perfectly prepared for the summer! They were designed by the popular German influencer Christin Kaeber and impress with their shapely frame in trendy, patterned brown tones. Matching the premium lenses are also in brown. But the sunglasses impress not only by their elegant look, but also by the outstanding quality! The frame of the glasses is made of high-quality acetate. It holds nylon lenses that optimally protect your eyes from sunlight and UV light. They offer UV400 protection and also meet the highest quality standard of the EU category 3. Christin has proven her absolute fashion sense with this design creation! Have you fallen in love as much as we have? The Deià by Christin Kaeber will enhance any of your outfits!
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Deià by Christin Kaeber Deià by Christin Kaeber
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