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Like a cool-clean design and a lot of features? Then the Lund Pro Sand Black Sprinkled is your perfect backpack because it impresses with its minimalist design as well as its practical functionality. The boxy torso is perfectly highlighted by a round, roll-in flap. It's made from recycled PET and vegan imitation leather and comes in a stylish color mix of black and cream-beige, with the black compartment on the front of the messenger backpack offset with subtle white color splashes. In addition to its appearance, the Lund Pro also impresses in terms of function: three separate interior compartments offer the opportunity to perfectly store essentials for everyday life – even a laptop finds its place in the padded laptop compartment, as well as another practical side compartment allowing you to store a water bottle. Thanks to the fillable flap equipped with a magnetic fastener, the storage space is expandable. An absolute highlight is the large outer compartment on the front of the backpack, which provides convenient access to the inner compartment, so you can fill the Lund Pro very easily – tedious rummaging is now a thing of the past, because from now on you can take things out of your backpack specifically. On the back is also a zippered compartment, which allows another stowage option for small essentials. The back part and the straps are specially padded, which gives a special wearing comfort and ergonomic fit. Our Lund Pro Sand Black Sprinkled – a backpack in an extra class, which is guaranteed to excite you for a long time!
SKU: 4251145205270


Lund Pro
Recycled PET, Synthetic Leather
Color Inside
Color Outside
Beige, Black
Material Inside
Recycled PET
Material Straps
Polyester, Synthetic Leather
Material Outside
Recycled PET, Synthetic Leather
Closing Mechanism
Carabiner, Flap, Zipper
21-26 liters
Computer Pocket
16 inches (38cm x 26.5cm x 3cm)
e.g. 16 inch MacBook Pro
e.g. 15 inch Surface Laptop 3
Additional Pockets
Four interior pockets, two of them close with a zipper, three exterior pockets


Lund Pro Sand Black Sprinkled Lund Pro Sand Black Sprinkled


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