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Are you looking for a new necklace that is subtle but still catches the eye? Then our Necklace Charming Marrakech Gold is just the right accessory for you! The particularly delicate 14k gold-plated chain made of high-quality 316L stainless steel features fine ball elements integrated into the design and is size adjustable. A particular eye-catcher is the extravagant pendant with graceful embossing in oriental style. On the back is an engraving of the popular city Marrakech. The necklace as well as the pendant impress with a particularly classy gold tone, without an artificial yellow tinge – this makes the design look particularly exquisite! A practical T-clasp makes it easy to put on this piece of jewelry and also offers a further optical highlight! The Necklace Charming Marrakech Gold: a necklace that definitely makes a fashion statement!
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Gold Plating

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