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Are you looking for a new piece of jewelry that impresses with its classically elegant style and makes a fashion statement at the same time? Then our gold-colored double-breasted necklace "Sphere Gold" is the perfect accessory for you, because it captivates with its intricate look and skillfully combines two different chain styles with each other – a simple snake chain with a subtle armored chain with bead setting. Made of high quality 316L stainless steel with 14K gold plating, the Sphere is not only a necklace that impresses with its elegant look, but also scores in terms of quality! Thanks to its allergy safe and water-repellent properties, you can wear this piece of jewelry day and night – whether in everyday life, during sports, while traveling, or in the sea: our necklace "Sphere Gold" will accompany you wherever you go and is an absolute must-have for all lovers of the trendy layer look!
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Gold Plating


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