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Our Rise Silver Slate Steel – a wristwatch that is an absolute must-have for all watch lovers in terms of design, features and quality! This stylish chronograph made of 100% recycled stainless steel impresses with a stylish dial in elegant light blue, which is encased in particularly scratch-resistant, robust sapphire glass and is especially protected – three additional, separate dials on the main dial offer you an integrated stop function and interval measurement. The absolute highlight feature of this watch is the 12-hour bezel, which is perfectly integrated into the design and allows you to set a second time zone on your Rise watch as needed - so you can easily see what time it is, for example, at your business meeting in Hong Kong or at your favorite vacation spot far away. To ensure that you can enjoy your Rise for a long time, the particularly durable movement of the Swiss manufacturer Ronda was installed in this model, which gives this chronograph its premium character! Are you looking for an all-round watch? Then our Rise Silver Slate Steel is perfect for you!
SKU: 4251145208783


43 mm
Dial color
Case Color
Strap Type


Rise Silver Slate Steel Rise Silver Slate Steel
1. Diameter
43 mm
2. Strap Type
3. Dial color
4. Case Color


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