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Are you looking for a new, high-quality backpack, but are tired of the boring styles of many conventional models? Then check out the Tromso Small backpack because it does both: here design meets quality! This model gets its special shape thanks to its rather angular torso. The spacious main compartment offers enough space for things like your smartphone, wallet, water bottle, etc., and is secured by a zipper. An additional shallow Quick-Access compartment on the outside, with a practical magnetic fastener, also makes it easy to use if you need to sort through it quickly. In the separate additional inner compartment with extra padding, a tablet or e-reader can be safely stowed. The Tromsos material is also appealing thanks to the high-quality material-mix made of vegan tech material. This backpack not only looks stylish but also scores points for its easy cleaning convenience. Its design, functionality and simple colour scheme, in classic grey, make the Tromso Small Oyster an absolute everyday hero that not only impresses with its style!
SKU: 4251145216313


Tromso Small
Recycled PET, Vegan Tech Material
Color Inside
Color Outside
Material Inside
Recycled PET
Material Straps
Vegan tech material
Material Outside
Vegan tech material
Closing Mechanism
Flap, Zipper
6 liters
Computer Pocket
12,5 inches (26cm x 21.5cm x 3cm) e.g. 12.3 inch Surface Pro 7
Additional Pockets
Flat outer compartment, two inner compartments, one of which has a zipper


Tromso Small Oyster Tromso Small Oyster


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