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You don't spend a lot of time searching around - do you just like to have certain things handy? It's great that you have now discovered our shoulder bag Vanso! True to the motto small but nice, this shoulder bag is an absolute must-have that you won't want to be without in the future. Not only does its practical size score highly, but its minimalist design in unisex look great as well. Whether for your smartphone, sunglasses or passport – the small shoulder bag gives you the opportunity to safely store small items. The three separate card compartments on the back of the Vanso All Black, as well as the small additional compartment in the interior, offer space for bank cards, keys, etc., and thanks to the practical magnetic fastener, the bag also impresses with its easy handling ability. The high quality vegan tech material makes it easy to clean the bag, so you can enjoy it for a long time. Thanks to its plain black colour, the Vanso All Black shoulder bag fits to every style and is therefore an absolute eye-catcher – regardless for everyday use or when travelling.
SKU: 4251145250300


Recycled PET
Color Inside
Color Outside
Material Inside
Vegan tech material
Material Straps
Vegan tech material
Material Outside
Recycled PET
Closing Mechanism
0,25 liters
Additional Pockets
one main compartment with an inner pocket, three credit card slots on the back exterior

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