So, how much time do you spend in front of the screen? The days of mom telling you to play outside and not hang out in the den all day are long gone. We're surrounded by screens - whether we like it or not. On the way to work, we scroll around a bit, then stare at a PC for 8 hours minimum, and in the evening we relax in front of the TV or while gaming. That passes no eye without a trace.

That's why Kapten & Son is launching the first screen glasses on January 22, 2023 in co-creation with someone who really understands screen time: Haptic.



Haptic: It's hard to imagine the German gaming scene without the 27-year-old from Berlin. In 2012, he uploads his first gaming videos - and the rest is history. 11 years later, over 800,000 subscribers follow his gaming content on YouTube and Haptic can now also count on the support of his community on Instagram and Twitch. To this day, he edits his videos himself, streams a lot of live content, plays CoD in particular - and has been protecting his eyes with screen glasses from Kapten & Son since June 2021. Time to make his very own vision of screen glasses come true.




Designed by Haptic

Here comes the perfect screen glasses for all gamers - designed by Haptic. They protect your eyes from blue light as well as UVA and UVB rays, so you won't feel headaches, burning eyes or other signs of fatigue even after long sessions.



The transparent premium lenses with anti-reflective special coating are available with or without prescription, and they make your perception more precise, thus supporting you while gaming.


Functionality & Look

In addition to functionality, Haptic also cared about the look, and the thorough design process paid off: the Manila by Haptic impresses with a black front, a black and gray color gradient on the temples, and metal accents in cool silver. A classic and simple, but unique limited edition.

January 22, 2023

The Manila, as well as the slightly larger Manila Large by Haptic, will be available online at and in all stores starting at €99.90 on January 22, 2023