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Her own blog and Instagram profile help Sophia to spread her love for fashion, beauty and lifestyle. The German blogger currently lives in Munich, so it's not a surprise she shares the most beautiful outfits and beauty tips with her community. For us, Sophia is a true Kapten and an irreplaceable Crew Member!


Five Questions for Sophia

Kapten Do you have a certain quirk, a special habit?
Sophia I can't leave the house without checking if I really turned off the stove. I also can't sleep with my socks on and I can't stand it when my ears are wet after taking a shower / bath.
Kapten Do you prefer summer or winter fashion?
Sophia Definitely summer fashion!
Kapten Apropos Fashion: Is there anything you cannot live without?
Sophia Jewellery! I always wear necklaces, earrings and rings.
Kapten If you had to choose only one: lipstick or mascara?
Sophia In that case I'd always chose lipstick.
Kapten Name three things that are still on your bucket list
Sophia Have a big family, travel to every continent there is and be brave enough to get a tattoo.
Kapten In what place around the globe did you enjoy your stay the most?
Sophia So far, I liked St. Lucia best.

Sophia's favorite pick

The Bali Matt Black Silver Black & the Chrono Silver Steel (I'd love a gold edition even more :P)