The perfect Christmas gift
- watches and sunglasses by Kapten & Son

Christmas - it’s a celebration of love and the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas markets, mulled wine, glittering lights, quality time with family and friends and a whole bunch of delicious food. The only thing that can trump this is a variety of special gifts that make our loved ones light up with an unparalleled smile. Do you also ask yourself the same questions every year: What should I get people for Christmas? What is personal, creative and useful? What would really make my loved ones happy? No worries Kapten, we’ll help you out. Our gift ideas can put a stop to your endless search because our trendy watches and sunglasses make everyone happy. You’re not only giving away hip accessories but a one-of-a-kind life spirit and can show your family and friends how much they mean to you. Whether it’s women or men, young or old - this travel buddy becomes a daily companion and always reminds the wearer of your very special connection.

Bestseller Presents For Christmas

Born for adventure – that’s what makes a Kapten

Kaptens - they are exceptional characters that embody their individuality and want to discover the world. They are fashionable trendsetters that love to break with traditional styles and have an eye for the essential things in life. Whether it’s the concrete jungle or the Amazon - they want to conquer the world and always jump headfirst into new adventures. Do you know someone who fits this description and who’s always chasing highs? Then a watch by Kapten & Son is the perfect gift for this special person in your life. Minimalistic, contemporary and flexible - that’s how our watches brighten up everyone’s day. The sun-seeking Kapten should also not miss out on a pair of sunglasses for a confident and laidback attitude and to complement every outfit to perfection. All our products stand for individuality, adventure, attention to detail and for a young generation that knows what it’s all about. With our lifestyle products, you can give away a feeling of freedom and life spirit for Christmas that will delight true Kaptens!

A watch for Christmas – give away a wonderful time

The watch is and always will be an all-time-favorite when it comes to Christmas presents for the loved ones. It is not just a beautiful piece of jewelry but also symbolizes the time you give to one another. Time to spend together and create unforgettable moments - that’s what really matters around Christmas. The watch should accompany the wearer in their daily routine and adventures to grow near and dear to their heart - one more reason to give away a personalized watch by Kapten & Son. Scandinavian design, German precision - that’s what makes watches by Kapten & Son into a very special piece of design. The best part? You individually piece together your personal model to fit your loved ones’ personalities. From the size and case all the way to the strap - you decide what the watch should look like. You can choose between the dial in black or white, a case in silver or rose gold and straps in different designs. To go with the festive season, you can even choose straps in dark red, gold or silver - what a very merry time!

Sunglasses for Christmas – give away the heavenly feeling of summer

Summery sunglasses and wintery Christmas time? That can’t possibly work? Sure it does. Giving away sunglasses for Christmas is not just a creative and personalized idea but also raises anticipation of summer, sun and sunshine or of the upcoming trip together that you are also giving away. This is how you can escape - at least in your mind - the dreary December weather in no time. A cool pair of sunglasses are an absolute must for Kaptens that travel the world and want to have adventures. It doesn’t just protect you from the sun at the beach, in the mountains or around the concrete jungle but adds that undeniable extra something to every outfit. Amongst our four different unisex-models you are sure to find the perfect travel companion for your loved ones. You individually decide on the size as well as the frame and glass color of these high quality sunglasses. True to the motto “Handcrafted in Italy. Made for the world”, all the models are developed in collaboration with long-term expertise from Italy and are inspired by the hippest hotspots from across the world.

You have questions about the products by Kapten & Son or are unsure which model fits your dear ones best? Then get in touch with our customer service. We are happy to give you advice and help out. Take a look around the store, get inspired on our blog and find the ideal Christmas gift!