Original and personalized
– giving away a watch as a wedding gift

A wedding is a very special occasion between two people. It doesn’t just stand for unconditional love, friendship and trust but also represents a new stage in life that is filled with adventure and shared experiences. With a gift, you can show the couple that you wish them all the best and that you share every single wonderful moment with them. Of course, it’s not enough to just present them with some cash. It should be something inventive that stands out from the crowd. Something personal that the two lovebirds remember you for, even years after the event. We have the perfect gift idea that also has meaning: matching watches by Kapten & Son are not only stylish and modern accessories but represent the time spent together that awaits the couple. The watch will be a daily companion and always remind them of the unforgettable moments they have shared.

Bestseller Watches For Wedding

To the good times – watches by Kapten & Son for eternal love

Why do we think that a watch is the perfect wedding gift? Simple. “It’s not about having time. It’s about making time.” It’s easy to be boring. But with a Kapten, you can prove how well you know the couple and give away a timelessly beautiful accessory that will always be by their side. Watches by Kapten & Son are made for adventurers, for strong characters that want to discover the world. With this creative wedding gift, you are hinting at their future - at this new stage of life together and the endless shared time ahead - and reminding them to stay forever curious and love life. Be Kapten! The trendy unisex-models can easily be given away in a matching partner-look - the Campina for her and the Campus for him.

Watches by Kapten & Son – the perfect model for a wedding

You have the choice between our larger Campus and the smaller Campina - that way you can definitely find the ideal model. Campus measures 40 mm and is preferred by men but women who love bold and striking styles also opt for the larger model. The Campina measures 36mm and is perfect to show off women’s dainty wrists. Scandinavian design, German precision - that’s what makes watches by Kapten & Son into a very special piece of design. The best part? You individually piece together your personal model to fit the two lovebirds’ personalities. But to start from the beginning: once you’ve decided on the size, you can pick whether the watch should have a silver or a rose gold case. Silver appears cool, urban and can be combined variably. The silver watch works well with all shades of gray, black and white. A watch in rose gold demonstrates their eye for current trends. The modern color gives the impression of warmth and spreads a radiant vibe.

A creative gift for a wedding - how to personalize it

With the choice of watch dial and straps you can give the Kapten its final individual character and ensure that the models match the married couple down to their last detail. No matter which case and size you pick - all models can be combined flexibly with either a white or black dial. In white, the Kapten comes across as classic and clean. The black dial creates bold and striking styles.

Whether classic or modern, colorful or subtle, sporty or elegant - the different straps in Nylon, Canvas, Leather or Mesh complete the watch’s look. Or you can go for the minimalist PURE, which comes in black and turns any urban style into an eyecatcher by stripping it to the bare essentials. The choice is yours! Get inspired on our blog and find the perfect wedding gift.

You have questions about the watches by Kapten & Son or are unsure which model fits a wedding best? Then get in touch with our customer service. We are happy to give you advice and help out. Take a look around the store and find the ideal gift for every occasion!