All Black Everything – an overview of all black sunglasses

Whether it’s a matter of clothing or accessories, the fashion world has been repeating the same thing for decades: “Black is the new black”. Black simply works with anything. Whether it’s living by the motto “all black everything” or mixing it with various colors - black fits in everywhere. Between classic-elegant and cool and rock’n’roll, you can easily integrate black sunglasses into any of your styles. Black adds contour to your face and creates exciting looks. Find out here how a black pair of sunglasses comes across and how you can best show it off.


Cool and subtle – this is the black effect

Black appears fancy, timeless and stylish. The classic color underpins all our merits and is simple to match. We are just as certain as fashion icon Coco Chanel: black has it all. The color stands for power, coolness and elegance. There is no other shade with as much character, mystery and variety as black. Whether it’s sexy and elegant or rock’n’roll and laidback - your black sunglasses work in all scenarios and that makes them the perfect companion for your adventures. The black frame makes your face look even more striking and gives you a very special expressive power. The shiny finish adds sparkling highlights. From summer to winter, from the beach to snow - your black sunglasses by Kapten & Son are always the right choice.

Off to new adventures with your black sunglasses

Black is indispensable in any collection of sunglasses. In the fashion world, the color ranks amongst the absolute classics and is anything but boring. You’re into panto glasses with that extra special something? Then take a look at our Maui. The round, slightly flattened glasses appear even cooler in black and adapt perfectly to your outfit in any situation. Whether you’re window shopping in New York City or on a beach in Mexico - you’re always on trend with the Maui. The black frame gives these glasses a cool touch of elegance that is bound to garner lots of compliments. With the choice of glass color, you give your Kapten & Son sunglasses their very own character. In classic black, the Maui comes across as simple and fancy. You can add colorful features with mirrored blue glass. Breaking with the traditional look makes these cool sunglasses a unique eye-catcher.

Just as flexible as you are – show off your black sunglasses

Your Kapten & Son Maui in black accompanies you on every one of your adventures. Whether it’s sexy, subtle or casual and sporty - the sunglasses work with any of your styles. You can wear the “Maui Matt All Black” with a relaxed everyday look. Matched with a plaid shirt, black skinny jeans, white sneakers and a leather jacket, you’re perfectly styled for the shopping spree or to hang out with friends over coffee. You can create flashier looks with the “Matt Black Blue Mirrored”. The colorful mirrored glass exudes the undeniable feeling of summer and has you perfectly prepared for a day at the beach. Add a pair of vintage shorts, a white crop top and your favorite bikini - that’s all you need for the trendy beach style. Whether you want to stroll along the boardwalk under the sun in Barcelona or exert yourself in a volleyball match, the mirrored Soho is perfect for all of it. You can find more trendy style inspiration with your favorite Kapten & Son sunnies on our blog.

Take a look around our online store and discover your ideal sunglasses in black by Kapten & Son. Our lovely customer service is happy to answer all your questions about our products via e-mail, phone or chat. Find your new travel buddy now! Be Kapten!