Havana – the sunglasses for a casual style

Bold, light, laidback: the Havana features a striking shape and the trendy frame that opens up along the bottom rounds off the casual look of the sunnies perfectly. The angular, slightly rounded glass matches your facial contours, is subtle and playfully makes you look more expressive, which turns each of your looks into an absolute eyecatcher. The sunglasses are available in two differently colored versions: classic black and tortoise-print, with warm amber tones that add flashy facets. That way, you can find the perfect companion for any occasion and style.


Havana – hot rhythm, dreamy beaches and life spirit

Cruising down the roads alongside rows of colorful houses in a pink Cadillac, enjoying a cuban cigar and a glass of rum on the patio, dancing salsa on the streets, leaping down waterfalls or relaxing on white beaches - the mere thought of Cuba’s capital puts you in a good mood and makes you relax. You can leave behind all your daily stress and enjoy the brightest side of life. Joviality, breathtaking nature, a unique culture and pure lust for life make Havana the meeting place for adventurers from all over the world. A city that is made for all Kaptens. This makes the Havana an indispensable part of our sunglasses collection. The trendy shades are stripped down to the bare essentials - discreet yet notable - and help create casual styles in no time.

Show who you are – find your style

You can easily style the Havana with your favorite pieces - no matter whether they’re casual-sporty or elegant and fancy. The open frame creates a subtle and light look that is easy to match with anything and creates the sexy cat-eye effect. All in black, the simplistic Havana raises the coolness-factor of any of your looks. Those who like it a little more flashy can opt for the tortoise-print model. This it-piece really gets shown off due to the warm pattern. Along the bottom, the black glass is encased in a delicate, shiny gold frame that adds an elegant touch to your sunglasses and harmonizes perfectly with the golden Kapten & Son logo, bridge and narrow sides. The lovingly placed details glint in the sunshine and turn your Kapten into something special. You can find more models in our “Havana+ Collection” where you’re bound to find the perfect glasses to match every taste.

From the festival to the beach - how to style the Havana

The Havana can be integrated perfectly with any look. Your favorite festival is just around the corner? Then you can match our “Havana Tortoise Black” with high-waisted shorts, a black crop top, a floor-long fringed vest and brown leather boots. For your Cuban vacation you can pick the colorful floral print dress with a matching bandana in your hair and the “Havana All Black” to complete all brightly colored summer styles. Even when it’s a little colder, you can mix the cool sunnies with ripped jeans and a black leather jacket for a laidback biker-style. You can find more outfit inspiration with the Kapten & Son sunnies on our blog.

Do you have questions about your Kapten & Son sunglasses or need help choosing your favorite model? Then get in touch with our lovely customer service via e-mail, phone or chat. We’re happy to help you out. Take a look around our online store, find your Havana sunglasses and head into your next adventure. Be Kapten!