Your Kapten in black – classic elegance meets urban subtlety

„She wears black, but she has the most colorful mind.“

Black is the new black. Fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel have known this all along and it applies more than ever today. Black is stylish. Black is cool. Black makes you look great. So it’s no surprise that our Kaptens love this color. We have taken your wishes to heart and developed two trendy watch models that feature striking black looks and adapt stylishly to your outfit. Whether it’s a white or black dial, classic-filigree Mesh or sporty-urban Silicone - you decide which black watch by Kapten & Son is the perfect fit for you and your style.


All Black Everything – minimalist, timeless, beautiful

Ever since the “little black dress” became an absolute must-have in the 60s, one thing is certain: black is elegant, timeless and stylish. The color makes you strong, cool and elegant. It appears mysterious and tough while being incredibly diverse. Casual, rock’n’roll, clean, sexy or elegant - black works with every style. Whether you follow the motto “all black everything” in a trendy black-on-black combination or mix it up with vibrant colors - black can be matched easily. No other color is as flexible, secretive, deep and uncomplicated as black. That is why it’s absolutely indispensable in our watch collection. With a matt-black case and black straps, our models become individual eye-catchers that adapt to your style and accompany you every single day.

Midnight Mesh or PURE – find your style

To provide the ideal watch for every occasion, every situation and every outfit, we have created two versions in black that are perfectly adapted to the needs of adventurous and fashion-loving Kaptens. Find out here what you need to know about these two it-pieces and discover your personal black watch in no time.

Midnight Mesh:The Midnight Mesh’s fine-linked milanaise bracelet in matt anthracite black is the perfect mix of filigree retro-chic and casual subtlety. The stainless steel case that also comes in matt anthracite is available in two sizes - Campina and Campus - and adapts flexibly to your wrist. You have the choice between a white dial to create a stark contrast against the black and place the focus on the watch and a black dial that completes the “all black everything” look and makes the black watch all the more striking. Whether it’s a casual street style or the elegant dress, a secret lagoon to swim in or a vibrant metropolis - the black Midnight Mesh always fits.

PURE:Minimalist, straight-edged and full of expression: our PURE shows off every look. Stripped to the bare essentials, the PURE demonstrates real minimalism. The clean dial and the subtle stainless steel case in matt anthracite are modern, timeless and urban - perfect coolness. The clean unisex design is completed with a black silicone strap that wraps around your wrist and provides a comfortable wear. The high-quality silicone strap is waterproof, durable and low maintenance. Your PURE is rust-free and withstands sweat and splashes of water - the ideal companion for all adventurous urban heroes and global explorers. You can choose between a black or white dial and add your personal final touch to the watch’s look. You decide which one of the black Kaptens should spruce up your styles!

You can find inspiration for great looks featuring your black watch by Kapten and Son on our blog. Trendy fashion bloggers show you how to integrate the watch with your favorite outfit. You have questions about your Kapten & Son watch? Get in touch with our crew. Our lovely customer service is available via e-mail, phone or chat. Together we’ll find the perfect companion for you. Take a look around the online store and choose your favorite black watch. Show who you are! Be Kapten!