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Lena Gercke's bright smile and sunny personality is what charms her fans. As a supermodel and host, she travels the world in search of new favorite places. Her eye for trends and passion for the beautiful things in life make Lena Gercke a Kapten that we cannot live without! It's great to have you on board, Lena.


13 Questions for Lena

Kapten What was your dream job when you were young?
Lena As I child I wanted to be something else every month - I could never settle on a single thing because I've always had so many interests. I grew up in a very musical family, which really had an impact on me and that makes the fact that I am now able to work on such a great show like the Voice of Germany even better.
Lena Are you an early bird or more of a morning grouch?
Lena I am always most productive in the morning so I am an early bird.
Kapten Where did you go on your first vacation?
Lena My family has always had a big affinity to nature. We used to go camping a lot or we would rent a bungalow somewhere at the beach with our dog. We actually only ever went on summer vacation, we all love sunshine and the beach.
Kapten What's the most important thing you take on vacation with you?
Lena Of course the perfect pair of sunglasses! But also sunscreen, a couple of fitting bikinis and very essential - a good after-sun lotion.
Kapten Which culinary delicacy do you have a weakness for and where did you discover it?
Lena I'm a huge fan of fresh coconut, whether that is on Bali or during my last trip to Thailand, I always have lots of coconut water.
Kapten Who would you like to go on vacation with if you could?
Lena I love traveling with my family. We don't live in the same city and don't see each other that much throughout the year so I always organize a vacation with the whole family once a year.
Kapten For whom or what would you get up in the middle of the night?
Lena For ice cream, you can always have that :-)
Kapten What country would you move to, if you wanted to?
Lena I love Spain and people's mentality there. The four years I spent in Madrid really shaped me and showed me what a great work-life balance the Spanish have.
Kapten How many stamps do you currently have in your passport?
Lena Hahaha I've never counted but there are quite a few now and I hope to add a whole lot more!
Kapten Which places are currently at the top of your bucket list?
Lena Definitely Hawaii and Australia! Two places that are just so far away that I haven't found the time to spend a vacation there. I never travel to the same country twice when it comes to holiday destinations - I just want to see all the different parts of the world! My bucket list is endless!
Kapten If you were an animal, which one would it be and why?
Lena As a teenager my nickname was Raffi, short for Giraffe, since I've always been so tall. But I actually think I'm more likely to be a dog who wants to play all day and is very loyal to the people that he loves.
Kapten If you could pick a pet - no matter which one - what would you choose? You can let your imagination run wild for this one 😊
Lena That's really easy, since it is my biggest dream to have a dog one day. I grew up with one but right now I just don't have the time to take care of a dog. Hopefully the moment when I can get the best animal in the world will come around someday. 
Kapten What is your life motto?
Lena Be thankful for every day and fill it with as much laughter as possible!

Lena's favorite pick

Of course I love my Waikiki the most :-) But I'm also a fan of the golden Chrono. That watch is just an amazing piece of jewelry.