Straps in green – all the green straps for your Kapten

Natural olive or pastel mint, plain or striped in green and white. You like the color green and are searching for a perfect accessory? Anyone who loves green can find what they’re looking for right here. You can combine the fresh styles individually with a white or black dial and a silver or rose gold case. Let yourself be inspired and configure your green Kapten & Son watch in the store.

人気順 green straps

Riding the green wave – the color of life

What comes to mind when you see the color green? Spring, forests and budding plants? Freshness, health and growth? Hope, relaxation and willpower? We associate green with many things, it is the color of life and brimming with positive energy. No matter which nuance it appears in, green comes across as fresh and dynamic. The color exudes joy and represents a relationship with nature. Positivity, life spirit and a love for the marvels of nature - all that comes together in our Kaptens. That is why green straps are indispensable in our collection. Whether they’re simple and plain or have flashy stripes, held in dark olive or soft mint - here you’ll find a green strap that works for you.

Canvas or Nylon. Plain or striped. What type are you?

You can find trendy and fresh green designs in our simple, casual Canvas collection and amongst the summery-fresh and flexible Nylon straps. The plain Canvas strap looks particularly casual and subtle in olive green. The color harmonizes really well with a golden case, which in turn works best with a black dial. In this combination, olive appears elegant and stands out against lightly tanned skin. Featuring a white dial and silver case, the watch looks that extra bit more cool and natural. The simple and natural olive green tone can easily be matched with various styles - that’s what makes the Canvas watch the perfect everyday companion. The “Summer” with mint green and white stripes makes good on what its name promises. The modern pastel mint green is fresh, light and summery. The Nylon band is flexible, light and robust. No matter in which combination and around what season - you can show everyone that you adore summertime.

Styleguide – how to match the green straps

The Campus “OLIVE Canvas” can be mixed and matched in various ways. It appears sporty and simple in combination with a white shirt, oversized jean jacket and hip sneakers. But you can also show off the watch when you opt for a fancier style with a white button-down and dark gray blazer. Mixed with other shades of green or natural beige tones, it creates a harmonious overall image. The Campina “Silver Summer” is the perfect travel buddy. Paired with a light white summer dress and metallic sandals or alternatively with casual shorts, a tank top and cool sneakers, the watch is an absolute eye-catcher. Check out here how trendy fashion bloggers show off the green straps of their Kapten & Son watches.

You love everything colorful and always want variety? Whether it’s green, blue, pink or gold - you’re into every color? No problem. It only takes seconds to change our straps. That way you can change your mind every day about which color your Kapten should have. Find out in this video how simple it is to switch the straps by Kapten & Son. Do you have further questions about the straps or need help configuring your Kapten & Son watch? Then get in touch with our customer service via e-mail, chat or phone and we’ll help you find your favorite model. Take a look around our online store and discover a green strap that matches your style. Be Kapten!