Trendy sunglasses from Kapten & Son
– Made for the world

sunglasses from Kapten & Son
– Made for the world

True Kaptens want to travel, explore the world and always go on new adventures. There is one accessory that cannot be missed: a cool pair of sunglasses. It not only protects you from sunglasses at the beach, in the mountains or in the big city jungle, but also gives your outfit that ‘special something’.Sunglasses from Kapten & Son broadcasts coolness and self-confidence and you’ll find the perfect travel buddy for your loved ones from our unisex selection. You choose the colour of the frame and the glass of your high-quality sunglasses to perfectly fit their personality.Inspired by Kaptens across the world, the names of the sunnies are from hotspots all over the world.

人気順 サングラス

Maui, Fitzroy, Montreal or Venice
– where do you want to go?

No matter whether your face is angled, round, heart-formed or oval. Whether you like the classic, straight-lined, modern, or extravagant styles – at Kapten & Son you will find sunglasses that fits to you and your lifestyle. Inspired by the hippest cities in the world we have created different models, that express your personality and accompanies you on every adventure.



Our Maui frame has the iconic Panto-form of the 50s and 60s, finding its way back on the noses of the fashion forward people everywhere. The round flattened form of the glasses is striking, beautiful and shows stylish harmony. The beautiful classic puts a modern spin on a classic style, and its colourful laid back vibe perfectly matches the breath-taking island Maui.



The Fitzroy is the ultimate trend piece. With its round flatten form of the glasses in Panto-style, the perfect mix of retro culture and modern extravagance, these sunnies are made for every face. The Fitzroys are cool, eye-catching, and bring life to every outfit.



For those characters who stylishly feel at home in any sunny location around the world – whether it’s a day at the beach or a rooftop party in the city. The Berkeley sunglasses sit comfortably on any nose with a robust yet light acetate frame. These sunnies are perfect for every day.



You’re at home all over the world: whether it’s the highest mountain peak or a hot sandy beach. The Havana sunglasses accompany you wherever you go and always highlight your strong character. With a frame that is half made from natural acetate and half metallic gold, the Havana sunglasses sit lightly on your nose and make you stand out in a crowd.



Perfectly tailored to the needs of the urban trendsetter, the Montreal sunglasses by Kapten & Son combine classic elements with modern details. The matt deep black acetate frame and black lenses, make the Montreal sunglasses a high-quality product that also impresses with its gold accents. The temples and second slender matt gold bridge make the Montreal sunglasses even lighter.

No matter which model you choose, every sunglasses from Kapten & Son are available in one size. So every Kapten, man or woman, can find their ideal travel buddy.

Women's or Men's collection

Cool, classic and modern – different frame colours for various characters

You have found the perfect model? Then now it’s time to give the sunglasses your personal touch. You decide which colour the frame and lenses should be.


Tortoise mixes classical elegance with cool modern touches. The iconic color shows timeless style, the matt finish gives the sunnies their casual and individual character. The pattern may seem wild and eye-catching, but matches perfectly to every style. Whether simple or eye-catching, classic or modern – it is up to you. The warm colours fits to every type. The cool retro charm makes your sunnies in Tortoise to an eye-catcher in every outfit.


Black is elegant, timeless and stylish. The classic colour highlights all our accents and goes perfect with every look. Like the iconic Coco Chanel, we also know: black is everything. The colour represents strength, coolness and elegance. No other tone has so much character, mystery and is as multifaceted as black. Whether sexy and elegant, or rock and casual – the sunnies in black are ready for anything and are the perfect companions for your adventures. The black frame makes your face look striking and gives it a special expressiveness. The matt finish gives them that extra bit of coolness.


Whether it’s about clothing or accessories, in the fashion world, black is the new black and it always fits. Whether after the motto “All Black Everything” or mixed with various colours, black always fits. From the classical elegance to cool and edgy, you can match your sunnies in black to every style. Black gives your face contours and creates special looks.


Gold is elegant end timeless beautiful. It sets shiny highlights and sparkles in the beautiful sunshine, it’s the perfect colour for sunglasses. Gold is combinable with every accessory and is especially beautiful on tanned skin. For centuries, we’ve worn elegant materials to highlight our natural beauty. The matt finish makes the sunglasses look even more high-quality and gives it its cool and individual touch.

You’ve got the look
– decide how you wanna see the world

With the choice of the lens you give your Kapten & Son sunnies the last touch. How you want your sunnies to look like is not only based on the choice of the frame but also the colour of the glasses. From classic and simple to eye-catching and original the glasses of your sunnies have its own expressiveness.

Black lenses

When designing your sunglasses, black is the absolute classic and the perfect choice for all adventurous Kaptens. On a road trip through the USA or at a Mountain bike tour in the South of France, your Kapten & Son sunglasses with black glasses protect you from the sun everywhere and without any problem. They give your sunglasses a casual elegance and increase the coolness of your outfit – fashion meets functionality.

Green lenses

Green is one of the most popular colours for sunglasses. You can wear your sunglasses from Kapten & Son perfectly on a road trip through the country or take it with you to a Volleyball match with the promise of the highest UV protection. The green lenses give your sunglasses a simple and classic look that matches every look.

Blue lenses

Blue lenses stand out in the crowd. Their beautiful and striking color make your sunnies the highlight of every look. These lenses not only protect your eyes from the sun, but they give them their unique look. Blue like the ocean the glasses look fresh, elegant and cool, the perfect thing for the hot days at the beach and for cold walks in the winter wonderland. Their eye-catching look spices up every outfit, making you perfectly styled for every occasion.

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Kaptens – are unique characters, that live their individuality and want to explore the world. Fashion-conscious, with their own style and an eye for the essentials in life.

Whether the big city life or the Amazon, do you want to conquer the world? Do you love to go on new adventures, are looking for the ultimate thrill? Then a watch from Kapten & Son is the perfect companion for you. Minimalistic, individual, and beautiful, it’s the ideal travel buddy for your own personal journey. Another a Kapten who loves the sun needs in their suitcase: a pair of sunglasses that complements your style perfectly and gives you self-confidence and cool charisma. All our products symbolize individuality, adventure, a love for details, and a young generation that knows what is important in life. Show us who you are, create your own looks, and discover the world!

Do you have any questions about your Kapten or you are not sure which model suits best to you? Do not hesitate to contact our customer service. We are looking forward to welcoming you and helping you with your choice. You can find inspiration, styling tips and hip looks with the watches from Kapten & Son on our blog. Have a look on our online shop and discover the world of Kapten & Son!