The round face shape – this characterizes you

A round face has soft outer contours. It is evenly filled out and areal, especially the cheeks look full. The chin and lower half of the face are rounded. Altogether it appears short and relatively wide. Does this description fit you? Then you’re in the right place. We will show you which sunglasses flatter your type most and which Kapten & Son sunnies are your perfect match. Our tip: stand in front of the mirror and tie back your hair tightly - this is how your face shape becomes visible. Or you can take a selfie and follow the contours with your finger to determine which face shape you have.

Suitable Glasses

Angular and delicate – these glasses match your type

To balance out the round and areal form of your face, you should choose an angular pair of glasses. This makes your face appear more striking and gives you a more expressive look. However, the frame shouldn’t be too wide - that would highlight the width of your face. Narrow glasses with a subtle frame are great to optically lengthen your face slightly. Personalized sides also add interesting details. Black frames make round faces look bolder. The general rule is: not every trendy pair of glasses works with each face shape. When it comes to a round face, you should avoid flashy, large glasses with round frames. High glasses separate the sections of your face in an unflattering way. At Kapten & Son, you can find it-pieces that work perfectly with your face shape.

Sunglasses by Kapten & Son – these models fit round faces

Venice:These cool aviators with their delicate frame work perfectly with your round face. The dainty model makes your face appear slimmer. The striking double bridge provides the necessary contours. Here you should opt for the small model in S - otherwise these glasses can quickly seem overbearing in your face. The sparkling gold frame makes these sunglasses by Kapten & Son the visual highlight of every outfit. You can allocate the glass color of the Venice individually. Glass in black and green comes across as classic and subtle. The mirrored glass in orange and blue stands out more, is modern and adds colorful details.

A trendy pair of sunglasses is not only a fashionable accessory but an important companion on any hot summer day. If you pick the right model, it balances out proportions and flatters your face. You have questions about your Kapten & Son sunglasses or are unsure which of the models suits your round face shape best? Then get in touch with our customer service via phone, e-mail or chat. We are happy to help you out and answer all your questions. Take a look around our store and find the sunglasses that fit you! Be Kapten!