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Anna loves fashion, beatuy and lifestyle. She's great friends with Carmushka with which she shares the same passions. Our relationship with Anna goes back to our very first campaign photo shoot. Back then, Anna modelled for our watches, today, she is part of our Crew. Aye!


Twelve Questions for Anna

Kapten Do you have a certain quirk, a special habit?
Anna Do I have ONE quirk? I wouldn't know where to start naming them all! Although, my worst quirk might be my incessant concern about my hair. I always touch it in order to fix it.
Anna When was the last time that you did something for the first time?
Anna Last week I got out of bed quite early and still felt well rested. I tried the same thing the following day, hoping for the same effect but it didn’t work out.
Kapten If you could possess a superpower, what would it be and why?
Anna Invisibility – that way I could get away whenever I drop a brick.
Kapten What is your craziest travel memory?
Anna My craziest travel memory is a sailing trip in Croatia that I did during my childhood. My parents, my brother and I got into a horrible storm. Our sailboat almost flipped over! Fortunately, a lifeboat came to our aid in the last nick of time. Up until today I never stepped foot on a sailboat again and have the highest respect for the force of nature.
Kapten Name three things on your Bucket List.
  • to cuddle a koala
  • to take a photo above the rooftops of New York City
  • to go stand up paddling in Hawaii
Kapten If you had to choose only one: lipstick or mascara?
Anna Mascara! Without mascara and with my naturally blonde eyelashes I would look like a naked mole-rat.
Kapten Imagine being stranded on a deserted island – which three items would you bring along?
Anna That question reminds me of a job interview I once had. To a deserted island I would bring along my phone so I could ask my followers for survival tips. Also, I would bring along my favorite pillow without which I can’t sleep. Finally, I’d bring along my boyfriend so I don’t get too lonely.
Kapten Describe your fashion style.
  • versatile
  • girly
  • with great love for details
Kapten What is the oldest piece of clothing in your wardrobe that you still like to wear?
Anna The oldest piece of clothing that I still love to wear is an old black hat that my grandma used to own.
Kapten What is your favorite meal throughout the day?
Anna Breakfast! Without a balanced and substantial breakfast in the morning I’m not the same person. If I don’t get anything to eat within one hour after I got out of bed, I’m a treat to everything around me.
Kapten What is the most important principle for you where food is concerned?
Anna You are what you eat. Wasn’t that the slogan for a crispbread commercial? Anyway and as stupid as it might sound, I think that is completely true.
Kapten Do you have any insider tips on how to stay in shape?
Anna Official: Go to the gym 3-4 times a week. Unofficial: Have the great genes from our mom.

Anna's favorite pick

I love my Campina Mesh watch.