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Carmushka lives by the mantra that happiness is only real when shared. Therefore, she spreads everything that makes her happy through her blog and social media. We are great fans of Carmen and her style. Thus, we are happy to have her on board. Aye!


Twelve Questions for Carmen

Kapten Do you have a certain quirk, a special habit?
Carmen As soon as I exit my front door, I start checking whether I have my keys with me or not. I do so more than necessary. By the way: Where are my keys?
Carmen When was the last time that you did something for the first time?
Carmen Recently, I wore my pyjama all day long, even when I strolled through the city!
Kapten If you could possess a superpower, what would it be and why?
Carmen I’d love to be able to beam myself from one place to another. That way I could avoid using a plane.
Kapten What is your craziest travel memory?
Carmen When I visited Mauritius, I decided to take the bus to go to the beach. The bus driver must have been in quite a hurry. Otherwise, I can’t explain, why he drove his old rattletrap with around 100 km/h over the bumpy road.
Kapten Name three things on your Bucket List.
  • I want to kiss a dolphin.
  • I want to visit every continent at least once.
  • I’d love to host a successful charity project.
Kapten If you had to choose only one: lipstick or mascara?
Carmen Since I do have eyelash extensions, I’d pick lipstick.
Kapten Imagine being stranded on a deserted island – which three items/cosmetics would you bring along?
  • A lip balm to prevent chapped lips.
  • My phone so I could tell you about all the great places on my lonely island.
  • My boyfriend. Since his fingers are all thumbs, he might not be the perfect companion for a survival mission but at least we’d have fun on the way.
Kapten Describe your fashion style in three words.
Carmen girly, casual, affordable
Kapten What is the oldest piece of clothing in your wardrobe that you still like to wear?
Carmen The pyjama I talked about in the second question is the oldest piece in my wardrobe. I own it for eight years now and will keep it for as many years for sure.
Kapten What is your favorite meal throughout the day?
Carmen Breakfast – because my boyfriend always prepares my breakfast while I’m still asleep.
Kapten What is the most important principle for you where food is concerned?
Carmen Eat whatever makes you happy. Unless you have a nut allergy like me. In that case you better just eat air. Although, that may contain traces of nuts as well.
Kapten Do you have any insider tips on how to stay in shape?
Carmen Keep the distance between your fridge and your couch as far apart as possible. That way I cover 2.000 steps a day says my pedometer.

Carmen's favorite pick

My absolute favorite are my Maui Matt Black Blue Mirrored sunnies.