Travel & Fashion

Debi is a true Kapten. She was born for adventure and loves exploring the world. She uses social media to share her various travel experiences and stylish outfits with over half a million people from all over the planet via texts, photos and videos. We are very proud to call her part of our crew!


Three Questions for Debi

Kapten What is your craziest travel memory?
Debi Mumbai August 2015: Some locals talked my boyfriend Kev and me into a guided tour through the slums of Mumbai. A stranger then walked us through deserted streets. Eventually, we figured out that our so called “guide” was actually a homeless drunk trying to earn some money for more booze. I was so afraid that we would never get back home…
Kapten What is your favorite meal throughout the day?
Debi I like breakfast most of all!
Kapten Name three things that are still on your bucket list.
  • I want to go skydiving with Kev in Hawaii.
  • I want to go on a roadtrip through Australia for half a year. All I would need is a cool camper van and some awesome people.
  • I want to migrate to a warmer country than Germany and live close to the sea.

Debi's favorite pick

Aside from the sunglasses, which I designed (Amsterdam by debiflue) :p ...  I love the Campina Mesh watch!