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Janine is in her early twenties and chasing her dreams. The lovely girl from Munich is really enthusiastic when it comes to fashion and names traveling as her biggest source of inspiration. She shares her impressions on her blog and social media. We would follow Janine to the end of the world – aye!


Seven Questions for Janine

Kapten If you had to choose only one: high heels, boots or sneakers?
Janine Sneakers
Kapten Describe your fashion style in three words.
Janine Minimalist, varied and sporty.
Kapten Is there anything you cannot live without?
Janine Traveling, summer, white dresses, my friends and family, good music and time spent outside in nature.
Kapten Do you have a certain quirk, a special habit?
Janine I enter planes with my right foot first. I somehow got into the habit a while back and now I can't get rid of that quirk.
Kapten No time, nothing in the fridge: what's your most frequent go-to snack?
Janine I am a sucker for dried fruits, I especially love snacking on dried mango!
Kapten What is the most important principle for you where food is concerned?
Janine Listen to your gut feeling more often. You're craving something salty? So have something salty then (well, except fries maybe 😉). You're craving something sweet? Then have some fruit or dark chocolate. Nowadays, we are being told so many things about what to eat that we have totally lost track of what our body actually needs.
Kapten Do you have any insider tips on how to stay in shape?
Janine I prefer to do rather short workouts of 20 - 30 minutes every so often. That way the workout is not too stressful and I stay motivated.

Janine' favorite pick

The Joy Mesh watch and my Havana sunglasses.