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Lizkaeber gives her Instagram community deep insights into her personal life. When it comes to topics of beauty, fashion and lifestyle, these are right up the Berlin girl's alley. Her personality makes Liz a real Kapten and that's why she is an important member of our crew!


Six Questions for Liz

Kapten If your life had a soundtrack, which three songs would have to be on it?
Liz Simple Things (Miguel), I like me better (Lauv), I'm in love with the coco
Kapten How much time do you need to get ready?
Liz That really depends on what the plan is ;-) But on average, it's less than an hour.
Kapten Imagine being stranded on a deserted island – which three items/cosmetics would you bring along?
Liz Definitely my phone, my hairbrush and lip balm.
Kapten Do you prefer summer or winter fashion?
Liz Summer fashion for sure!
Kapten What is your number one must have accessory?
Liz I've got to have a jacket - it can spruce up any outfit. But a matching handbag also makes a huge difference.
Kapten What is the oldest piece of clothing in your wardrobe that you still like to wear?
Liz I recently discovered it at the back of my closet and it's actually 5 years old - my beloved longblazer.

Liz's favorite pick

Capri Tortoise Green and Amsterdam Pearl Blue Mirrored.