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In her early twenties, Selina participated in beauty contests in southern Germany. By now, and through her activity on social media, she is well known across the borders of her home country. Selina is a real style icon, a lovely character and a perfect fit for our Crew.


Three Questions for Selina

Kapten Do you have a certain quirk, a special habit?
Selina I always slip into my right shoe first, no matter if it’s a pair of boots, sneakers of flipflops.
Kapten Describe your fashion style in three words.
Selina Comfy, weather-dependent, variable
Kapten Do you have any principles regarding nutrition that you want to share?
Selina The dose makes the poison. I prefer my food to be healthy, but I also love a good cheat meal every once in a while. I think it is important to enjoy your life and just be happy – that counts for food as for everything else.

Selina's favorite pick

My favorite products from Kapten & Son are their watches and their straps. The latter are so easy to exchange! Thereby, you can match your watch to whatever outfit you are wearing no matter if you are aiming for a rather casual or flashy look.