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Originally, Jacqueline is from Sweden but now, she lives in Berlin. Since 2015, she runs a blog where she shares her passion for high standard photography. Her sophisticated blog features daily looks, lifestyle posts and photos from her travels. We love her style and her being part of our crew!


Four Questions for Jacqueline

Kapten In what place around the globe did you enjoy your stay the most?
Jacqueline New York is my favorite place, absolutely love that city!
Kapten What is your number one must have accessory?
Jacqueline My Kapten & Son watch of course, I feel naked without it😊
Kapten Do you have any secret cooking hacks that you want to share?
Jacqueline Olive oil instead of butter always!
Kapten Name three things that are still on your bucket list.
Jacqueline I'd love to skydive but I’m not sure whether I'd have the courage to do it.. but I really want to! I also want to sleep in the desert and hang out with the camels. Furthermore, I’d love to meet Celine Dion <3

Jacqueline's favorite pick

I love the Campus Silver Black Mesh, it fits with everything!