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It never gets boring in the life of lovely model Paulina! She shares her travel adventures with her Instagram followers daily and tours the most beautiful places on this planet. We also follow our crew member around the globe and are proud to have her on board.


Five Questions for Paulina

Kapten Are you the one who causes chaos or are you the one who controls it?
Paulina Those that know me well would probably say that I control chaos. I usually try to have everything under control and I'm not a huge fan of surprises (to the chagrin of my fellow humans). But even for someone that loves order I can't always stay on top of my own chaos ;-).
Kapten In what places around the globe did you enjoy your stay the most?
Paulina There are definitely lots of places but Bangkok and New York are some of my favourite cities. To me, the most beautiful place in general has got to be Bali though. As soon as you get away from the tourist hotspots, the flora and fauna just draws you in.
Kapten What is your craziest travel memory?
Paulina During our Mexico trip, we expored some of the "Cenotes" and I have to say, especially the Suytum Cenote near Valladolid really left a lasting impression. The moment I stepped in, the magical atmosphere and the crystal clear water was just overwhelming. We were completely alone aside from a few bats and fish for company. So I would say it was a particularly special and spiritual moment for me.
Kapten Imagine being stranded on a deserted island - which three things/ pieces of clothing would you bring along?
Paulina Oooof... that's a good question. Since I'm quite pragmatic about these things, I'd probably bring a knife and a lighter to ensure my survival to some degree. To avoid getting really lonely, I'd also take my boyfriend along :-)
Kapten Do you have any insider tips on how to stay in shape?
Paulina I have always been sporty and tried out many different things. Since around half a year I've been doing Thai boxing 2x a week and I also head to the gym 2 - 3x a week where I do mainly HIIT workouts or pilates. I think the key isn't just a healthy diet but also a diverse fitness routine where you should always switch it up and add new stimuli.

Paulina's favorite pick

Definitely the London Silver Grey Mirrored - it works with every outfit and looks damn cool too. My absolute favourite amongst the watches is the "Silver Mesh" since it really matches my style and is comfortable to wear.