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In her online magazine Simone writes about all kinds of topics while she shares her sense for fashion and her inspirational outfits on her Instagram. Simone describes herself as a creative cloud and we are very happy to have that kind of creativity on board.

United Kingdom

Six Questions for Simone

Kapten If you were a song, which one would you be?
Simone U2 With or Without You - I am a desperate romantic and grew up with this song that has so many memories to me!
Kapten In what place around the globe did you enjoy your stay the most?
Simone Santorini! It is such a magical and extraordinary island. I also got engaged there so have a special attachment to it.
Kapten What’s your favorite Kapten & Son product?
Simone Joy Mesh - it goes with everything and looks so luxurious. Also, I receive a lot of compliments for it.
Kapten How much time do you need to get ready? 😉
Simone 30 minutes for enough confidence and up to 2 hours for being extra!
Kapten Describe your fashion style in three words.
Simone Classy, elegant and practical.
Kapten Pizza, pasta or fries – what do you prefer?
Simone I could eat pasta three times a day!

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