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Have you been dreaming of seeing auroras, glacial lagoons and ice caves for so long? We at Kapten & Son and Travador are offering you a wonderful adventure trip to Iceland - the land of fairies, nymphs and gods. Immerse yourself in the endless secrets of the country and, for 10 days, explore one of the most versatile countries in the world. We also provide your return flights, 9 nights in the central 4-star hotel in Reykjavik, rental car and pocket money, so that you can truly enjoy the holiday to the fullest! This travel package has a total value of 5500 €! Here's a little taste of what you can experience!

Information about Iceland

Facts, facts, facts
Iceland currently has a population of about 344,000. Between September and April the sky is dark enough for you to experience the beauty of the Northern Lights. During spring and summer the days become brighter and replace the darkness. This marks the best time for tourists to travel to Iceland and experience as much of the beautiful nature as possible. The climate in Iceland is not as unpleasant as you might expect. During summer, temperatures range between 12 and 15 degrees celcius, while in winter they drop to 0 to 3 degrees. Even a trip to the gorgeous countryside doesn't take long: the flight from Munich to Iceland's capital, Reykjavik, takes around three to four hours. Our timezone is only one hour ahead of the Iceland's.

What you must experience besides Northern Lights

Discover Iceland's diverse nature
If you enjoy the beauty of flawless and diverse cuntrysides, visiting Iceland is a must - it's a unique and breathtaking Nordic country. From vast volcanic landscapes, impressive ice caves, to magnificent glacier lagoons, you can find it all right here. After all, Iceland is called the land of fire and ice. Counted among the top attractions are the charming lighthouses scattered along the country's coast.
Diamond Beach
Iceland has many dazzling glacier lagoons! The Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, part of the Vatnajökull National Park, is characterized by ice, glacier tongues, rough highlands and lava landscapes. The black volcanic beach that stretches along the shore is also known as Diamond Beach. The name says it all: the sand is covered by millennia-old, compact and translucent ice that glitters like diamonds in the sunlight.
Ice as far as the eye can see - Iceland's thrilling ice caves
Ice caves are true natural wonders. Often referred to as crystal caves, they are created by their environment, exposure to near constant sub-zero temperatures. They retain shapes of a frozen lakes or icicles. To experience it, you have to stand in one of these caves and admire it for yourself!