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Nice Tortoise Blue Mirrored

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The Nice Tortoise Blue Mirrored sunglasses by Kapten & Son stand out due to their clear lines and sophisticated accents. They suit those Kaptens who stylishly and confidently take on any challenge. The distinctive frame of the Nice Tortoise Blue Mirrored sunglasses is made from light yet robust acetate. The frame of the Nice sunglasses with its warm, dark colors is a perfect match for the gold accents of these glasses, such as the thin upper part of the double bridge. Another highlight of the Nice Tortoise Blue Mirrored sunglasses is the blue mirrored lenses, which are made with UV 400 filters.



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UV400 Filter


Glass material

premium synthetic resin (CR39)

Frame Material

Acetat & nickel free plated metall


Woodenbox + Case

Angular faces are contoured by the chin and forehead area. The chin area is more rounded and less pronounced. Especially oval and round glasses suit this shape of face. Wide frames should be avoided.

Our recommendation: (Maui, Fitzroy, Berkeley, Havana+)

The heart-shaped face is a little broader around the forehead and gets slimmer towards a more pointed chin. Wider frames should be avoided, where as delicate oval and round forms suit this face shape.

Our recommendation: (Maui, Fitzroy, Berkeley, Havana, Havana+)

Oval faces can, due to their symmetrical, pronounced cheek bones and identical sized forehead and chin area, wear nearly any sunglasses. (Just very thin frames should be avoided, because they optically lengthen the shape of the face.)

Our recommendation: (Maui, Fitzroy, Berkeley, Havana, Havana+, Nice)

This face shape is characterized by slightly wider cheek bones and a rounder chin. A rectangular frame contours the face and is therefore the ideal choice for rounder faces.

Our recommendation: (Havana, Montreal, Havana+, Nice)

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