The perfect gift idea for your loved ones
– watches and sunglasses from Kapten & Son

Whether for a birthday, Christmas, a wedding, or for no reason at all – now and then we should show our favourite people how much they mean to us. At Kapten & Son you can find many different gift ideas.

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Watches or sunglasses – you can customize all our products, from their colour to their size and make them fit perfectly to the style of that special someone. Here you will get to know which products match best to which occasion. Let us inspire you and find the perfect gift for everyone in your life.You not only present a trendy accessory but also a characteristic travel buddy who is a daily companion and reminds your favourite person of your friendship.

Watch or sunglasses
– that represents true Kaptens best

A watch is the all-time-favourite in the category ‘presents for the loved ones’. It is not only a beautiful piece of jewelry, but it also symbolises time. Time to share with each other and experience unforgettable moments – because that’s what matters, right? A watch should accompany the wearer every day through their everyday life and shares every adventure with them – one reason more to endow an individual watch from Kapten & Son. If you want to be a little bit more creative, you can choose one of our trendy sunglasses. Whether they’re an everyday companion or for that next trip, sunbathers and fashion fans alike will love this present. You can choose on your own pair that matches best with your Kapten.

From birthday to wedding
– the perfect gift for every occasion

Birthday presents

A birthday is the perfect occasion to give a watch from Kapten & Son. With our individual watches, you can show how well you know your friend’s style. Are you planning a summer trip together? Then a pair of sunglasses from Kapten & Son cannot be missed in your baggage.

Holiday presents

During the holidays, the most important thing is to spend time with your friends and family. With a watch from Kapten & Son you show how much the time together means to you. Perfect for this festive season you can choose a strap in Bordeaux and gold. With a pair of sunglasses, you show your anticipation for the summer and the desire to escape the cold and dark weather of December at least in your mind.

Easter presents

In spring, everyone is happy if they find a pair of sunglasses from Kapten & Son in their garden – the perfect accessory to enjoy the first warm sunrays of the year with a top styling. Watches in spring colours like pastel orange, rose, or blue completes your fresh look for the season.

Wedding presents

You think presents like money are boring and want to make a special present that reminds the hosts of this day even years later? Then matching watches from Kapten & Son in are the perfect presents for a wedding. What about a timeless, minimalistic Pure Lux? Maybe a Campus or Campina matching set? The watches represent the time that they spend together and connects them for a lifetime. Are they going to their sunny honeymoon? Than our casual sunglasses are the right choice.

Whether it’s Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, New Year’s Day, use the small holidays to give pleasure to your loved ones. Let us inspire you in our online shop and discover watches and sunglasses in different designs, that matches perfectly to your most loved person. In our online shop, you will find the perfect present, a Kapten always fits!

Gift Ideas for
your dearest

The perfect present

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Kaptens – are unique characters, that live their individuality and want to explore the world. Fashion-conscious, with their own style and an eye for the essentials in life.

Whether the big city life or the Amazon, do you want to conquer the world? Do you love to go on new adventures, are looking for the ultimate thrill? Then a watch from Kapten & Son is the perfect companion for you. Minimalistic, individual, and beautiful, it’s the ideal travel buddy for your own personal journey.

Do you have any questions about your Kapten or you are not sure which model suits best to you? Do not hesitate to contact our customer service. We are looking forward to welcoming you and help you with your choice. You can find inspiration, styling tips and hip looks with the watches from Kapten & Son on our blog. Have a look on our online shop and discover the world of Kapten & Son!