The perfect gift for Father’s Day - watches and sunglasses by Kapten & Son

Even if it’s not an official holiday, Father’s Day is a very special time of year. This is when we honor our father and thank him for everything he does for us on a day-to-day basis. Whether that’s teaching us to ride a bike, telling the best stories or taking us on a rollercoaster ride - dads are our personal heroes. They console us, make us laugh and protect us. Even if Father’s Day is generally used as an excuse to spend the day in the beer garden or pub, you should take this moment to make your father happy. That’s how you show him just how important he is to you and make him smile. But this year you ask yourself once again: What can I give him for Father’s Day? Ties, socks, pralines? It’s easy to be boring. But we have a gift idea that will surprise and delight him: with a watch or a pair of sunglasses by Kapten & Son, you’re not only giving away a modern accessory but a useful everyday companion that will always remind him of you. Creative, useful and personal - your father will love this gift.

Bestseller Presents For Father's Day

Born for adventure – that’s what makes a Kapten

Is your dad your personal action-hero and always chasing new highs? A one-of-a-kind character that embodies individuality and conquers the world? Then a watch by Kapten & Son is the perfect gift for him on Father’s Day. Minimalistic, contemporary and flexible - that’s how our watches delight all fathers. What the sun-seeking Kapten should not miss out on either is a pair of sunglasses for a confident and laidback attitude and to add that extra bit of coolness. All our products stand for individuality, adventure, attention to detail and for a generation that knows what it’s all about.

A watch for Father’s Day – give away the best of times

Gifting a watch means giving away time as well. Time to spend with one another and to experience unforgettable moments - that’s what really matters in life, right? A watch by Kapten & Son is a constant reminder to take time for the important things in life. Savor every single moment, never come to a standstill and go out to conquer the world. Whether it’s as a travel buddy, a loyal everyday companion or a cool accessory - a Kapten will always be at your father’s side. Scandinavian design, German precision - this is what makes the watches by Kapten & Son into a very special piece of design that will definitely win him over. You individually assemble your personal model to fit your father’s personality. From the size and case all the way to the strap - you decide what the watch should look like. You can choose between the dial in black or white, a case in silver or rose gold and straps in different designs. Watches with straps in black, gray, green or blue are the best fit for your cool dad.

Sunglasses for father’s day – give away the perfect holiday feeling

Gifting a pair of sunglasses shows your creativity and combines fashion sense with utility. Sunnies by Kapten & Son are not just some accessory that will end up in a corner with all the other unwanted gifts. Whether it’s for a holiday at the beach, in the car on the work commute or at the family barbeque in the garden - these sunglasses accompany him every step of the way. With these cool shades, you can give away both a piece of summer and a relaxed attitude that makes him want to take a break from his daily routine - perfect for the upcoming father’s day trip. The sunglasses with their hip designs turn any outfit into a trendy eye-catcher and represent assurance, coolness and self-confidence. Whether he’s a fashion-expert, nature lover or an explorer - every father will love this gift.

You have questions about the products by Kapten & Son or are unsure which model fits your father best? Then get in touch with our customer service. We are happy to give you advice and help out. Take a look around the store and find the ideal Father’s Day gift!