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- the perfect gift for her

Whether it’s Christmas, an anniversary, a birthday or just for the sake of it - a gift shows her that she is important to you. But not every gift is always the right pick. You’re looking for something creative that has real character? That she’ll always have close by and that reminds her of you? Then you are in the right place. With sunglasses by Kapten & Son, you can demonstrate your knack for trends and ignite the desire to travel together. By personally choosing the model and style, you can show how well you know her. That way you’re not just presenting her with a trendy accessory but with an expressive travel buddy that highlights her personality and stands for the one-of-a-kind Generation Y zeitgeist - thirst for adventure, individuality and a sense of style.

Bestseller Sunglasses For her

Sunglasses for her - how to give away a piece of summer

No matter what the occasion - giving away sunglasses as a gift shows your creativity and combines confident style with practicality. A pair of sunglasses by Kapten & Son is not just some accessory that will end up in a corner with all the other unwanted gifts. It is a travel companion that protects from sun exposure and is part of all her adventures - she’ll go through life with eyes wide open. With these cool shades, you can give away both a piece of summer and a feeling of wanderlust. The sunglasses with their hip designs make any outfit a trendy eye-catcher and are on point in their coolness. Whether she’s a fashionista, lover of sunshine or a globetrotter - she will adore this gift.

Sunglasses for women by Kapten & Son - the ideal companion for every woman

Inspired by Kaptens across the globe, the names of our sunglasses are those of worldwide hotspots. Does she love a timeless and cool pair of sunnies with a touch of hollywood glam? Then the classic model - the Venice aviators - is the perfect fit. The Fitzroy is extroverted, modern and especially creative with its hip Panto-shape and the strong double bridge that will garner lots of attention. The Maui has on-trend round glasses and comes across as light, summery and elegant. Our Havana is stylish, modest and laid back - perfect for the urban hero. With the Berkeley you’re choosing the classic model that works with all face shapes. The Montreal is perfect for all the fashionistas that love extravagant glasses and want to make their faces all the more expressive. You decide which style fits her best. All the models are unisex so you’ll be able to borrow her sunnies every now and again.

Gifts that have character - give away individuality

When you’ve decided on a model, it’s time to give the sunglasses their customized features. You pick out the color of the frame and the glass to show your attention to detail and how well you know her and her taste. Tortoise comes across as classic and elegant. The soft colors flatter any complexion and exude warmth. A black pair of sunglasses is the ideal basis to create strong and striking looks. Matt black instantly raises the coolness factor and adapts flexibly to her style. A metal frame adds the perfect mix of minimalism and extraordinary design.

The choice of glass color gives the sunglasses their final touch. Black and green are part of the elegant classics. It gets wilder and more edgy with glass in dark blue. On our blog, you can find inspiration and trendy outfit-combinations - that way you are sure to find the perfect gift for her.

You have questions about the sunglasses by Kapten & Son or are unsure which model fits her best? Then get in touch with our customer service. We are happy to give you advice and help out. Take a look around the store and find the ideal gift for every occasion!