Watches by Kapten & Son
– the perfect gift for your brother

“Because I have a Brother, I’ll always have a Friend.” Even if you’ve annoyed each other sufficiently in the past - on the endless drive to your vacation destination, when fighting over the remote or where the least piece of cake is concerned - nobody is as close to you as your brother. You can rely on him in every situation. He makes you laugh and always listens. So it’s all the more important to show him how much he means to you. Whether that’s on his birthday, Christmas or as a welcome surprise - a fitting gift often says more than a thousand words. With a watch by Kapten & Son, you aren’t just giving away a stylish accessory but a loyal travel companion that reminds him of you every day and is involved in all his adventures. We have created a watch that is truly a part of everything. The classic Swedish design is subtle, clean and revitalizing. It is the perfect basis from which to put together a model with our straps that will be your brother’s ideal fit right down to the tiniest detail. Thanks to the understated casing and the simple watch face, he can wear his Kapten with any style and on every occasion - it’s laidback, uncomplicated and stylish.

Bestseller Watches For Brothers

A watch for your brother by Kapten & Son – give away good times

“It’s not about having time. It’s about making time.” Gifting a watch means giving away time as well. Time to spend with one another and to experience unforgettable moments - that’s what really matters in the end. A watch by Kapten & Son is a constant reminder to take time for the important things in life. Savor every single moment, never come to a standstill and always leap into new adventures. Whether it’s as a travel buddy, a loyal everyday companion or a cool accessory for the night out - a Kapten will always be at your brother’s side. Scandinavian design, German precision - this is what makes the watches by Kapten & Son into a very special piece of design that he will surely love.

Watches for men – find the perfect Kapten for your brother

You have the choice between our larger Campus and the smaller Campina - that way you can definitely find the model that works for your brother. Campus measures 40 mm and is preferred by men. The large watch casually draws attention to him and shows off strong arms. For men that prefer subtler styles and have a slimmer wrist you can pick the Campina that measures 36mm. The small watch comes across as more delicate and modest. We generally recommend the Campus for those who have wide wrists - then his Kapten becomes the focus. As individually as you can pick the size you can also choose the color of the case and match the Kapten with your brother’s personal style. Silver appears cool, urban and can be combined variably. The silver watch works well with all shades of gray, black and white. A watch in rose gold shows his eye for current trends. The modern color gives the impression of warmth and spreads a radiant vibe. You decide what fits your brother best!

Individual gifts with personality – Kapten always fits

With the choice of watch dial and straps you can give the Kapten its final individual character and prove how well you know your brother and his taste. No matter which case and size you pick - all models can be combined flexibly with either a white or black dial. In white, the Kapten comes across as classic and clean while the black dial creates more striking styles.

Whether classic or modern, colorful or subtle, sporty or elegant - the different straps in Nylon, Canvas, Leather or Mesh complete the watch’s look. Or you can go for the minimalist PURE, which comes in black and turns any urban style into an eyecatcher by stripping it to the bare essentials. The choice is yours! Get inspired on our blog and find the perfect gift for your brother.

You have questions about the watches by Kapten & Son or are unsure which model fits your brother best? Then get in touch with our customer service. We are happy to give you advice and help out. Take a look around the store and find the ideal gift for every occasion!