Modern and personalized
– give away a watch by Kapten & Son as a communion gift

For many children, the communion is one of the most exciting days in their young lives. It does not only have religious value but symbolizes a great step towards growing up and gaining confidence. But it is often overlooked how important this day really is for the little ones. That is why we just slip some cash into an envelope but forget that kids do not really have much of a connection to it. Isn’t it much nicer to give away a gift that is both useful and can provide the child with lasting joy? Something that they can use straight away and proudly show around? We have an idea for a communion gift that is classic and personalized but also modern: a watch by Kapten & Son is a really trendy accessory that accompanies the child wherever they go and is part of all their early adventures. That way, not just the kids will be delighted on their communion day but also their relatives and peers.

Bestseller Watches For Communion

Giving away high spirits and a sense of adventure – with watches by Kapten & Son

Why do we believe a watch is the ideal gift for a communion instead of a regular monetary gift? Simple. With a watch by Kapten & Son you can stand out from the crowd and give away individuality that will amaze the communion boy or girl. A Kapten for a communion is creative, personal and modern. You show that you’ve thought about the child and want to give them something for their future journey that has real meaning. A watch by Kapten & Son is a constant reminder to enjoy the beautiful moments and to take some time for the important things in life. It represents a sense of adventure, joy and that extra bit of curiosity that makes childhood so exciting. Whether it’s school time, playing with friends or a family trip - the trendy watch will accompany the child every day and become a loyal companion that they won’t want to take off.

Watches by Kapten & Son – how to find the perfect model

Scandinavian design, German precision - this is what makes the watches by Kapten & Son into a very special piece of design. All models are available in two sizes - S and L. As a communion gift we recommend choosing the smaller version in S, the Campina. Its case measures delicate 36mm and stands out around the slim wrists of children. You also get to decide whether the case should be silver or rose gold. Silver can be combined variably and appears particularly modern. The silver watch works well with all shades of gray, black and white but also with a mix of colorful patterns. A watch in rose gold puts the child right at the center of current trends. The modern color gives the impression of warmth and spreads a radiant vibe. Especially girls will love the glamorous option with its rosy undertone. You decide which style fits him or her best!

Colorful stripes and vibrant colors - how to give away watches with character

With the choice of watch dial and straps you can give the Kapten its final individual character. You can combine all models flexibly with either a white or black dial. In white, the Kapten comes across as classic, light and subtle. The black dial appears striking and cool.

Whether classic or modern, colorful or subtle, sporty or elegant - the different straps in Nylon, Canvas, Leather or Mesh complete the watch’s look. Children especially adore the colorfully striped Nylon-straps. In the Canvas collection you can find rich colors - ranging from pink to blue - that mould themselves flexibly and robustly to slim wrists and become part of every kid’s adventure. The choice is yours! Get inspired on our blog and order the perfect communion gift in our online store.

You have questions about the watches by Kapten & Son or are unsure which model fits a communion best? Then get in touch with our customer service. We are happy to give you advice and help out. Take a look around the store and find the ideal gift for every occasion!