The perfect look all year – watches and sunglasses from Kapten & Son

Spring, summer, autumn and winter – with a watch and a pair of sunglasses from Kapten & Son your look makes a fashion statement over the whole year. The coolest accessories complete every outfit and give it a personal note, arming you perfectly for every adventure.

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Our multiple designs offer you various ways to combine your watches and sunglasses from Kapten & Son, so you’ll always find a product that fits perfectly to your style. With the different colours and styles, you can create the perfect look for every season.

Watches and sunglasses for all of your adventures

Kapten & Son creates watches and sunglasses that match with every outfit and every occasion. Trendy accessories that adapt to the style of its wearer and accompanies them every day. The beautiful pieces are more than just jewelry, they accentuate the character of its Kapten and express, no matter which season, the spirit of time of the generation Y: young, wild and free.


“It’s not about having time. It’s about making time.” A watch from Kapten & Son reminds you every day that you should take time for the important things in life. Enjoy every single moment, never stand still, and always go on new adventures. Whether as a travel buddy, a faithful companion in your everyday life or a beautiful accessory for wild party nights – a Kapten is always by your side. Scandinavian design, German precision – that’s what makes your watch from Kapten & Son to a special designer piece. What’s the best thing about it? You create your personal model based on your character. From the size of the case to the strap – you can choose on what your watch looks like. Whether simple or significant. Classic and elegant or cool and modern. A watch from Kapten & Son matches with every style. You have the choice between a black dial or a white one, a case in silver or rose gold, and straps in different designs.


True Kaptens want to travel, explore the world and always go on new adventures. There is one accessory that cannot be missed: a cool pair of sunglasses. It not only protects you from sunglasses at the beach, in the mountains or in the big city jungle, but also gives your outfit that ‘special something’. Sunglasses from Kapten & Son broadcasts coolness and self-confidence. You will find the perfect travel buddy for your loved ones from our unisex selection. You can choose the colour of the frame and the glass of your high-quality sunglasses. Inspired from Kaptens in the whole world, the names of the sunnies are inspired from hotspots all over the world.

A lot can happen in a year
– the ideal accessories for every season


Spring, only hearing the word we can feel the first sunrays on our skin, see flowers in the most beautiful colours, and taste a relaxed cup of coffee in our favourite street café. The colourful and carefree vibe is also expressed in the way we dress for the season.

In spring the white and pastel colours, casual denim-looks, classy jackets, cool sneakers and stylish loafers in rose or metallic tones dominate. At Kapten & Son you find the most beautiful watches that matches perfectly to a fresh spring look.In mint green, pastel orange, soft rose or bright blue the straps of your Kapten perfectly fit this beautiful season. You can go casual with the “Campina Silver Peach” a pair of ripped jeans, a white T-shirt, long blazer, and a pair of silver loafers.To finish the perfect outfit, you must choose one of our sunglasses that broadcasts warmth and vitality and completes your casual street-style look – like the “Fitzroy Matt Black Blue Mirrored”. As easy as that you are perfectly styled for the first picnic in the park or a day at the office.


If the days and the hair gets longer it’s finally summer again. Your feet in the sand, the sound of the sea in your ears, and salt on your skin – is there any better feeling? The best summer colours are vibrant, bright, and complement those beautiful sunny days.

Shorts, white crop tops, casual maxi dresses, and elegant midi skirts. Sneakers, flip flops, flats or sandals. In summer, you can run wild. What about bright vintage shorts, a short skirt and casual sneakers in white linen? The “Campus Summer” spices up a casual and sporty style. In combination with the “Maui Matt Black Blue Mirrored” your cool summer look is finished. Make it elegant with the “Campina Mesh”, a black maxi dress, and the “Fitzroy Matt Tortoise Black” – everyone will stop and stare.


In autumn, the leaves change to the most beautiful colours. It’s time for cozy sweaters, pumpkin soup, and a hot cup of coffee in your favourite café to enjoy the last sunrays of the year.

Warm tones like beige and brown, strong Bordeaux, and mustard dominate. Finally, your favourite scarf, cool leather jacket, and elegant trench-code can be worn again. With cute boots, dresses and tights you can create nice layered-looks. A dress with a Bohemian print, black tights, leather boots and a big cardigan in beige are nice basics for a romantic autumn look. With this look you can perfectly style the “Campus Brown Leather” and the “Maui Matt All Black”. You can go casual street-style easily with a grey oversized-sweater, ripped mom-jeans, hip sneakers and a fur leatherjacket in black. With the “Campus All Black Vintage” and the “Fitzroy Matt Black Blue Mirrored” you create the perfect autumn look.


Winter. That means big celebrations with friends and family, cozy days with your favourite series or with a good book in your bed, and dreamy walks in the snow.

In winter, warm, deep and rich colours dominate – dark red, black, gold and silver should not be missed. For a cozy everyday look you can combine a black pullover to a high-waist-jeans, a long a long coat in Camel, a black cashmere scarf, warm Chelsea boots, and a “Campina Black Mesh” to complete the look. In Winter the sun is especially low in the streets, and a beautiful pair of sunglasses from Kapten & Son like the “Maui Matt Tortoise Green” should be an everyday accessory. On special occasions with your family, you can wear a mini black dress, tights, and knee high black boots. With the “Campus Black Bordeaux Canvas” you’ll add a colourful and festive accent, that can perfectly match your lipstick – Happy Holidays!

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Born for adventure?
Be Kapten!

Kaptens – are unique characters, that live their individuality and want to explore the world. Fashion-conscious, with their own style and an eye for the essentials in life.

Whether the big city life or the Amazon, do you want to conquer the world? Do you love to go on new adventures, are looking for the ultimate thrill? Then a watch from Kapten & Son is the perfect companion for you. Minimalistic, individual, and beautiful, it’s the ideal travel buddy for your own personal journey. Another a Kapten who loves the sun needs in their suitcase: a pair of sunglasses that complements your style perfectly and gives you self-confidence and cool charisma. All our products symbolize individuality, adventure, a love for details, and a young generation that knows what is important in life. Show us who you are, create your own looks, and discover the world!

Do you have any questions about your Kapten or you are not sure which model suits best to you? Do not hesitate to contact our customer service. We are looking forward to welcoming you and helping you with your choice. You can find inspiration, styling tips and hip looks with the watches from Kapten & Son on our blog. Have a look on our online shop and discover the world of Kapten & Son!