Let spring begin – watches and sunglasses in the spring look

When the first warm rays of sunshine tickle your skin and light up your face with a smile, it’s finally spring again. The warm winter coat and the thick wool sweaters go right back into the closet and are traded for light jackets, t-shirts and sneakers. Even though there are new trends every year, one thing remains the same: dreamy pastel tones and soft materials dominate the fashion world in spring. At Kapten & Son, you can find a large collection of trendy watches and sunglasses that perfect the spring look. Find out which accessories match this time of year best and discover your favorite models to kick off spring!

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Happy spring – flowers, sunshine and a bout of spring fever

Spring – just hearing the word makes you think about the first sunrays on your skin, flower fields in the most beautiful colors and having a relaxed cup of coffee in your favorite street café. This colorful and positive feeling is also reflected in spring fashion collections every year. The different shades of white and pastel tones, casual denim-looks, light jackets, cool sneakers and trendy loafers in soft pink or metallic silver are everywhere around this time of year. From the playful coat in light blue to the basic white t-shirt all the way to the soft pink long blazer - spring fashion is casual, easy and full of life. During spring, you don’t need much more than a pair of flats, skinny jeans and a t-shirt teamed up with trendy accessories to create the perfect look. We will show you which watches and sunglasses by Kapten & Son match this wonderful season best.

Watches by Kapten & Son – the perfect styles for spring

At Kapten & Son you can find gorgeous watches that really match the fresh spring look. The straps of your Kapten in mint green, pastel orange, soft rose or light blue work perfectly for this beautiful season. Our Nylon and Canvas collections with their light materials look great with any spring look. You can style the “Campina Silver Peach” casually with ripped jeans, a white t-shirt, a long blazer and silver loafers. The “Campus Girl” works best in a sporty look with a cool pair of sneakers, boyfriend-jeans, a white crop top and a marine blue bomber jacket. You can also never go wrong with the subtle and minimalist “Pure Lux”. In black and white, it can be worn flexibly with all colorful spring styles. The white, clean design of the dial places the focus on the watch and gives you a fresh vibe.

Sunglasses by Kapten & Son – start spring with trendy shades

When the year’s first rays of sunshine come through, one accessory is absolutely indispensable: a pair of sunglasses that makes your light and casual spring style an absolute eye-catcher. Whether it’s iconic or original, round or square - every Kapten can find their perfect companion here. With mirrored glass in blue you can add even more color to your outfit and practically outshine the spring sun. The “Maui Matt Black Blue Mirrored” looks great in combination with blue jeans, a white chiffon blouse and a short biker jacket for that casual street style with a real wow-effect. On our blog you can find more trendy looks and outfit inspiration.

You have questions about the Kapten & Son products or are unsure which model suits you and your style best? Then get in touch with our lovely customer service via e-mail, phone or chat. We are happy to help you out and find the perfect accessory for you together. Take a look around our online store and find watches and sunglasses by Kapten & Son that help you conquer the world! Be Kapten!