Straps in beige – all the beige watch straps for your Kapten

You can never go wrong with beige! A beautiful natural color that can be worn with any style and on practically any occasion. It is perfect for all Kaptens who love being flexible without limiting themselves to one look. From simple to original, your Kapten in beige works with everything. You can choose to combine your beige strap with a white or black dial in a silver or rose gold watch case. Let yourself be inspired and find the perfect beige strap for you.

Bestseller beige straps

Get lost in nature – wear it right on your wrist

Beige is part of the family of warm, light brown shades that represent nature. Whether it’s the color of sand, hay or furs - nature provides all sorts of beautiful beige tones. Even the sails of large ships are manufactured from beige linen. This much is certain - beige suits all our Kaptens that want to leap into new adventures, discover the world and explore nature. Since it is a simple, subtle base color, beige can be matched with many other vibrant tones and helps to create unique styles.

Up for a roadtrip?

Our beige Nylon-model “Roadtrip” is your ideal companion. The casual Kapten & Son watch in beige stands for adventure and life spirit. A dark blue stripe runs along the natural beige color, reminding you to keep going your own way and never give up. Beige like the sand, blue like the sea - carry a piece of nature with you and don’t let anyone or anything stop you. The cool striped design makes your Kapten an absolute eye-catcher and instantly spruces up any look. The beige strap can be combined with a white or black dial, set in either a silver or rose gold case - you can individually put together your favorite model. Light, flexible and waterproof, the Nylon-strap is a reliable companion in your day-to-day life.

Sporty, casual, chic - how to show off your beige strap

Wanderlust? You can mix and match the Campina “Roadtrip” with ripped high-waisted shorts and a loose white v-neck for your adventure trip. A trendy pair of sneakers to go with it - you’re ready to take off. The Campus “Black Roadtrip” works perfectly with oversized knit sweaters in warm, earthy tones. Our Campus “Silver Roadtrip” is great for a fancy office look in combination with a white button-down and rolled-up sleeves - that way you can carry a little piece of nature and a sense of adventure with you, even in your stressful daily routine. Beige easily adapts to your style and can be worn everyday. The subtle blue stripe provides the eye-catching element and makes this simple watch into something really special.

The colors you wear say a lot about you and your mood. Today you’re feeling like simple beige, tomorrow it could be vibrant orange or soft rose. It only takes seconds to change our straps by Kapten and Son so you can decide what effect you want to have on others and perfectly match your Kapten to your outfit every time. Find out here how to switch the strap. If you have questions about your watch and the straps, our customer service is always available via e-mail, chat or phone. Take a look around our online store and discover your beige strap. You can get your favorite piece shipped to you free of charge and start your next adventure in no time. Be Kapten!