The Mesh collection – all the Mesh straps for your Kapten

Fancy, delicate and individual: you can find all the Mesh styles for your Kapten & Son watch here. In silver and rose gold, with a black or white dial, as a Campina or Campus - be your own Kapten! Configure your favorite model and get your hands on your own personalized Mesh watch soon.

Bestseller Mesh Watches

Mix, match & mesh – the perfect Mesh strap for your Kapten & Son watch

“I’ve never seen elegance go out of style“

You’re into lovingly added details, filigree designs and the trendy metallic look? Then you’ll love our Mesh collection! In silver or rose gold, these Mesh straps are contemporary and complement your look. The fine links of the nostalgic milanaise straps appear fancy and work perfectly with our white as well as black watch dial. You decide which style fits you. It is not only the close-knit mesh that gives the watch its name but also the flexible and robust structure. Light impact and stains are no problem for your Mesh watch - you can leap headfirst into every adventure with this it-piece.

Make fashion statements: how to make your Mesh watch an eye-catcher

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

Whether it’s elegant in the office, a shimmery highlight on the beach, a relaxed sunday brunch around the big city or a wild night out at the club - your Mesh watch by Kapten & Son is your partner in crime. Due to the minimalist and elegant design, you can style this beautiful piece in a casual, fancy or glamorous way - whatever you feel like. How about the dainty Campina Silver with an oversized gray sweater and skinny jeans? A pair of trendy sneakers and a leather jacket to go with it - you’ve got the cool everyday look. The Campus Mesh Black in rose gold becomes the highlight of your favorite “all black everything” look. You’ll have all eyes on you. Take a look around our online store and let yourself be inspired by trendy fashion bloggers.

As flexible as its Kapten – swapping straps made simple

“The purpose of life is to live it.”

Real Kaptens love adventure and are always heading off to new destinations. The Mesh straps are just as flexible and variable as your life and style. Today you’re feeling a colorful Nylon strap, tomorrow it’s the classic Leather and the day after that it’s the trendy Mesh? No problem. Whether it’s silver or gold, the Mesh strap by Kapten & Son can be swapped in no time. Find out how it works right here.

You’re unsure which model fits you best or have questions about the materials and the newest trends? Then get in touch with our customer service. Together we’ll find your Kapten. Discover the Mesh watch by Kapten & Son in the online store and have it comfortably delivered to your doorstep within a couple of days. Be Kapten!