The Nylon Collection – all Nylon straps for your Kapten

Colorful, trendy and fancy: discover all our Nylon straps for your watch by Kapten & Son. Whether it’s the classic black-and-white, trendy gray, fresh pastel tones or strong vibrant colors - we have the perfect Nylon strap for every taste and style. In combination with a white or black dial, set in a rose gold or silver case, as a Campina or Campus - you decide! Configure your Nylon watch now and become the proud owner of your personalized Kapten.

Bestseller Nylon Watches

Your Nylon strap – the perfect companion for the summer of your life

„Stripes go with everything.“

You love everything that’s colorful and flashy and adore summertime? Then our Nylon collection is perfect for you! Great colors and cool stripes await you. The Nylon straps are light, flexible and robust - it’s not a coincidence that James Bond chose a Nylon strap for his Rolex in Goldfinger. These watch straps have quickly shed their reputation as British military equipment and become a must-have for stylish watch fans. Whether it’s the Sky, Summer, Cherry, Night Rider, Peach or Sailor - inspired by the adventures and joys of summertime, our striped designs exude warmth and life spirit. They turn any look into a casual eye-catcher. The Nylon straps’ beautiful stripes can be shown off perfectly with both a black or white dial. Take a look around the store and create your own look - let your imagination go wild. The summer is yours with a Kapten & Son watch.

Summer, sunshine, Nylon strap: how to show off your Kapten

„Summer is a state of mind.“

The light, waterproof Nylon straps complete any cool beach style - that’s for sure. The Campina Silver Peach highlights your sunkissed complexion and can be matched perfectly with high-waisted shorts and a white crop top. Some trendy sneakers and a pair of sunglasses to top it all off - you’ve got the ideal look to go island hopping around Thailand or head on a city tour across Australia. Our Campus Black Summer lets you carry the lightness and spirit of summer with you all year round. Styled with boots, a fluffy sweater and your favorite leather jacket, your Kapten also remains a colorful eyecatcher in the colder seasons. You can find more inspiration in our lifestyle posts on our blog. Be Kapten!

New strap, new adventure – how to switch your Nylon strap

„Escape the ordinary.“

You want to revel in a variety of colors? Your watch should match your outfit and your mood of the day? No problem. The Nylon strap can be swapped anytime without much hassle. Today you’re into peach, tomorrow it’s mint green and then azure blue for the next trip? Or you simply want a whole new look for your Kapten? Then take a look at our fancy Mesh collection or the classic Leather straps and find the perfect companion for your adventure. You can find out how to switch your Nylon strap here.

You’re unsure which Nylon strap fits you best, you have questions about the material or just need some styling tips? Then get in touch with our customer service. Together we’ll find the Kapten & Son watch that works for you. You can choose your favorite model in the online store and have it comfortably delivered to you within a couple of days. Discover your Kapten now!