Straps in red – all the red straps for your Kapten

Calm bordeaux, fiery red or fruity cherry. Red has many facets but there’s one thing that all these nuances have in common: they represent passion and garner lots of attention. You’re looking for the perfect red strap for your Kapten & Son watch that fits you and underpins your personality? Then you’re in the right place. You can combine the straps with a silver or rose gold case based entirely on your personal preference and choose a white or black dial to go with it. Let our styles inspire you and create your Kapten with a red strap.

Bestseller red straps

When in doubt, wear red – the color of love and passion

Red is full of emotions in a way no other color can be. Red stands for love, passion and energy. It is strong. The color asserts bravery, strength and confidence. Shades of red seem dynamic but can also be aggressive. Aside from love, red also symbolizes fire and blood. But one thing is indisputable: it’s sexy. No other nuance of color draws you in like red does. The color is made for all the wild and confident adventurers who are full of passion and want to conquer the world - in short, for Kaptens. Whether it’s plain and subtly-romantic, brightly striped or in an exciting combination with blue - you can find a red strap that works for you right here.

Canvas or Nylon. Soft or bright. Find your style

Both our casual Canvas and our summery Nylon straps are available in great red designs. In a plain soft bordeaux version, the Canvas strap is simple and exudes comfortable warmth. The calm color works perfectly for autumn and winter and looks fantastic with other shades of red as well as with black, gray or dark blue. Whether you opt for a long coat or fluffy knit sweater - the cool bordeaux strap always looks fancy. Want to get fruity? Our “Cherry” features a fresh striped design. The flexible and light Nylon strap is up for anything. Bright cherry red and white alternate to create a summery-fresh look that makes every outfit a stylish eye-catcher. You’ll always be on top of your game with the blue-white-red “Racer”. The exciting motor-rally striped design makes the watch look sporty and dynamic. The fiery red stripe down the center makes your Kapten the center of attention.

Pretty hot – how to combine the red straps

The Campus “Black BORDEAUX Canvas” is perfect for a festive and romantic look. In winter, you can style it with a bright red knit sweater and black leather skirt. For autumn, you can casually combine the watch with an olive green utility jacket, white shirt and black skinny jeans. Wine red also looks great with natural and calm colors like beige, black, dark blue or brown. The Campina “Cherry” practically screams spring time. You can wear it simply with a white maxi dress and a light jean jacket or opt for flashy color blocking and mix it with light blue and vibrant yellow. Every sporty look is spruced up by the Campus “Silver Racer”. The blue stripes work perfectly with denim and red adds some necessary highlights. A pair of light blue vintage jeans, a simple white t-shirt and hip sneakers - you’ve got your cool, modern everyday look. You can find more inspiration and hot looks on our blog.

You want to show the world who you are? Fiery red, cool blue, fresh green or glamorous gold? It only takes seconds to change the straps by Kapten and Son. Make your Kapten match your mood and your style every single day. If you have questions about your Kapten & Son watch, get in touch with our customer service via e-mail, phone or chat. Together we’ll find your favorite model. Discover all the red straps in our online store now and configure your Kapten!