Watches and straps in silver - all the silver styles for your Kapten

You’re into cool elegance, a touch of bling and you’re searching for a piece of jewelry that matches your style? Then our silver straps and cases are perfect for you. The shiny styles add a subtle shimmer to your wrist and an air of casual elegance to your outfit - timeless, simple and beautiful. You can put together your personal dream piece in our store. You’ve got the choice between the Campus and Campina and a white or black dial. Go for the metallic Mesh-look or work with silver details. Take a look around the store and find a silver watch that fits you.

Bestseller silver straps

Shiny happy people – what silver can do

Silver is cool, modern and fancy. The neutral color can be combined with various styles and adapts subtly to each outfit. Its shimmery sheen provides lovely, discreet highlights. Silver reminds us of long nights, moonlight adventures and the twinkle of stars. It’s the color of magic and puts us under a spell. Shiny gray looks especially beautiful in combination with white, black and gray but it works just as well with different colors and a wild blend of patterns. Classic and modern, simple and shimmery, discreet yet notable - it’s all about the mix. The trendy metallic look is perfect for all those who love puristic and clean looks but don’t want to miss out on that “sparkle”.

Silver Lining – which silver style fits you?

A little bit of a sparkle? No problem. All our straps - whether it’s Leather, Canvas, Nylon or Mesh - can be combined with a silver case. That way everyone who loves silver can make their favorite strap shine in no time. You want to go all out? Our “Silver Mesh” is completely silver and features a filigree metallic look. Fine silver links, silver watch hands and a silver case team up to create the ultimate silver style. Yet the watch remains subtle and doesn’t overpower. With that timeless and elegant vibe you can always create trendy fashion statements and show your love for stylish minimalism.

Styleguide – this is how you shine with your silver Kapten

Our “Silver Mesh” is a real miracle worker when it comes to style. Whether it’s cool, simple, elegant or flashy - the silver Mesh watch works with everything. The Campina “Silver Mesh” can be matched with a fancy and yet simple black, gray and white combo. Your favorite sneakers, fishnet tights and black high-waisted destroyed jeans together with an oversized gray sweater to work perfectly with your silver Kapten - stylish, casual, simple. In summer, some light denim shorts and a white, floaty linen blouse mixed with metallic sandals look fantastic when combined with the “Silver Mesh”. You’ll get a more dramatic look with the Campus “Silver Black Mesh”, a ribbed turtleneck dress and black biker jacket. Hip sneakers add that extra bit of coolness to the look. The watch can also be shown off in combination with vintage jeans and a fluffy dark gray cardigan. You can find more inspiration and trendy silver styles on our blog. Create the style that fits you. Be Kapten!

You’re a real trendsetter and like to make a fashion statement every single day? Glittery silver today, all in black tomorrow or vibrant blue after all? Our straps can be switched within seconds and matched to fit your daily style. In this video you can see how easy it is to change the strap of your Kapten & Son watch. Do you have further questions about our products and the various styles or do you need help configuring your Kapten? Then get in touch with our customer service via chat, email or phone. Discover our silver watches in the store!