Straps in white – all the white styles for your Kapten

White is an all-rounder. From fairytale innocence or minimalist and cool all the way to elegant - this color is the perfect companion for anyone that loves diverse looks. In combination with vibrant colors, white provides an exciting contrast and turns into a cool eye-catcher. You’re into trendy striped designs, flashy colors, creative color combinations or the black-and-white classic? Then you’re in the right place. You can find a white strap that matches your style right here. Whether it’s striped in red, blue, pink, gray or black, in combination with a black or white dial and set in either a silver or rose gold case - you decide. Configure your Kapten based on your preferences in our online store.

Bestseller white straps

Wonderful White – the lightest of all colors

White represents something fresh and clean. A new beginning and a light summer breeze. White is the unity of all colors and stands for perfect integrity. Dressed in white, we exude freshness, lightness and satisfaction. Whether it’s puristic, elegant or airy and casual - this color is a true all-rounder and adapts to your style. White can be shown off particularly well against tanned skin and together with other colors - the perfect basis for our summery Nylon straps. Choose your favorite color teamed up with white and make all of your looks shine.

White Stripes – find the perfect color combination

The luminous white stripes look fantastic on our casual Nylon straps. The “Sail” features dark blue and white block stripes for a maritime look - the perfect pick for all Northerners and global travellers. Held in black and white, the “Night Rider” is a real classic and can be matched with various styles and colors. A modern-minimalist look is provided by the “Space” with a trendy mix of white and light gray. Wearing our “Summer”, you’ll carry the ease and joy of summer around with you. The white and mint-green watch puts everyone in a good mood. The “Sky” with its vibrant sky blue and white color combination will take you up to Cloud 9 - airy and light. Our “Cherry” will tempt you to take a bite out of the fruity cherry red paired with white. You love a colorful, girly and playful look? Then the dark blue, white and pink striped “Girl” is all yours. The flashier and more sporty option is the “Racer” that catches everyone’s eye with its dark blue, red and white combo. You decide which style fits you. Be Kapten!

A dream in white - how to style the cool striped design

For the perfect beach look, you can style your Campus “Silver Summer” with white jean shorts and a lacy white crop top. Just wear your favorite bikini underneath and head to the beach. Adding silver bracelets adds elegance to the look. The Campus “Black Night Rider” works well with a long white blouse made of chiffon, black skinny jeans and pointed black heels - the classic combo for the office meeting and the afterwork cocktail with your colleagues. The Campina “Silver Space” looks fantastic with a gray oversized knit sweater, casual vintage jeans and white sneakers - you’re set for the day looking both stylish and comfortable. No matter what style you choose, the white straps add a touch of perfect summer feeling and sporty freshness to any style. You can find more inspiration and trendy styles showcased by our Instagram community on our blog.

You’re multifaceted, a real trendsetter and pay close attention to detail? Our straps can be switched within seconds to let you create the perfect look every single day. Whether it’s black Leather, green Canvas or golden Mesh - your Kapten & Son watch always matches your style. Find out here how easy it is to change your strap. If you have questions about the Kapten & Son products, our customer service is always available to help you out. Take a look around the store and discover your white strap!