The angular face shape – this characterizes you

Angular faces are striking and memorable. They are usually relatively long and narrow. Forehead, cheeks and chin are equally distinct, which creates an areal impression. With a pointy chin and straight facial contours, angular faces appear very contoured. This description fits you? Then you’re in the right place. We will show you which sunglasses show off your type best and which sunglasses by Kapten & Son are the perfect match for you. Our tip: stand in front of the mirror and tie back your hair tightly - this is how your face shape becomes visible. Or you can take a selfie and follow the contours with your finger to determine which face shape you have.

Suitable Glasses

From round to square – these glasses match your type

With round and oval glasses - that are really trendy at the moment - you can make your bold features appear a little softer. Curved shapes and narrow frames with thin sides result in a harmonious expression. Models with high glass and a thick frame are ideal if you have a long face - that is how you optically shorten it. The general rule is: not every trendy pair of glasses works with every face. If you have an angular face shape you would do best to stay away from wide and angular models - this makes your face look too hard and stern. Small, narrow glasses lengthen angular faces too much and appear lost. You should also avoid classic nerd glasses with their wide and angular frames. At Kapten & Son, you can find it-pieces that work perfectly with your angular face shape.

Sunglasses by Kapten & Son – these models fit angular faces

Venice:The cool aviators are practically made for your striking face. The large, drop-shaped glasses make your face seem more open and friendly. The narrow golden frame comes across as delicate and elegant - the ideal complement for angular features. Large or small - every model can be combined with black or green glass. Or you can go for the more noticeable version in mirrored blue. No matter what style you pick, the Venice flatters all angular faces.

Maui:The trendy Panto-shape of our Maui works really well with your angular face. The round, slightly flattened glass gives you a harmonious and soft expression. You should pick the larger model in L - it’s ideal for areal faces. When it comes to the choice of color for the frame and glass, all options are available to you. Black is always a good pick. The classic tone highlights your type

Fitzroy:The Fitzroy is the right choice if your angular face is narrow and long. Similarly to the Maui, the round and slightly flattened glasses flatter your striking facial contours. The high double bridge optically shortens your face and adds more width. In two different sizes, S and L, you can individually determine the frame and glass color of the Fitzroy. Generally, a black frame shows off angular faces - for all those one-of-a-kind characters out there.

You have questions about your Kapten & Son sunglasses or are unsure which of the three models suits your angular face shape best? Then get in touch with our customer service via phone, e-mail or chat. We are happy to help you out and answer all your questions. Take a look around our store and find the sunglasses that fit you! Be Kapten!