Maui – all versions of your favorite sunglasses

Iconic, extroverted, stylish - our Maui with its trendy Panto-shape is truly contemporary. These glasses hailing from the 50s and 60s are currently finding their way back onto the noses of trendsetters - and rightly so. The striking round form of the glasses that is flattened on top appears intellectual and shows stylish harmony. The beautiful classic look connects tradition with the modern and is extremely variegated – just like the breath-taking island Maui. Whether you opt for cool and simple in matt black, the wild tortoise print or the eye-catching colorful mirrored glass - every Kapten can find the sunglasses that fit them best. Find out here what defines the Maui and how you can incorporate it best into your style.


Maui – an exotic paradise for adventurous sun-seekers

Maui is the second-largest Hawaiian island and must be one of the most beautiful and fascinating places on the planet. Sun-seekers, lovers of culture, backpackers and the best surfers from around the world all come together here. Whether the intention is to sunbathe on one of the many sandy beaches, to educate yourself about island traditions in the museums, to explore forests, mountains and waterfalls or to catch some waves - Maui is worth it for every Kapten. The breathtaking nature, the fascinating indigenous culture and the gorgeous climate make the island an absolute hotspot in the Pacific. Maui attracts young and adventurous people in particular, those who want to discover the world, enjoy the moment and who can appreciate the beauty of simplicity. All worries get tossed overboard and instead it’s all about pure relaxation, enjoying life and being active. The perfect place for all Kaptens. Our Maui-sunglasses were inspired by the island’s relaxed vibe - simple, beautiful and casual. Tradition and the modern come together here, just as they do on Maui. The classic Panto-shape is back in its contemporary form and delights all the fashionable and strong-willed trendsetters out there.

Show who you are - design your style

The round glass that is slightly flattened on top is the trademark feature of iconic Panto-glasses. In the 20s, these were worn solely by the intellectual elite. It first became a real fashion trend in the 50s and 60s. Today, it can be found back on the noses of popular fashion bloggers. Whether it’s the small or large version - the Maui’s round shape becomes a trendy eye-catcher and draws attention to each of your looks. You can choose between two frame colors. Simple matt black or flashy tortoise print - based on the original material of the iconic glasses, tortoiseshell. You can individually combine both models with black, green or mirrored blue glass. Click your way through the different variations and let yourself be inspired by the different options - that’s how you find the sunglasses that fit you and your style.

From classy to wild - how to style the Maui

The Maui is incredibly flexible and elevates every style in no time. Whether it’s summer at the beach or a wintery urban stroll - that’s how you’ll always see the bright side of life. The “Maui Matt All” looks particularly cool with a chill street style. An oversized jean jacket, ripped black skinny jeans, a pair of leather ankle boots and you’ve got your perfect and relaxed everyday look. With the “Maui Matt Tortoise Black” you can create elegant and classic looks. The “Maui Matt Tortoise Blue Mirrored” screams summer and sunshine - the ideal companion for your next trip. Combined with shorts and a crop top or with a white summer dress, you’ll be perfectly styled and exude a relaxed lively vibe.

If you have any questions about your Kapten & Son sunglasses, you can always get in touch with our customer service. We are ready to help out and can find the perfect model for you together. Take a look around the store and configure your ideal Maui sunglasses! Be Kapten!