The oval face shape – this characterizes you

An oval face has symmetrical, soft contours. The hairline and chin are rounded off smoothly in an oval form. The cheekbones are the widest part of the face. Generally, the lower half of the face is slightly longer than the upper half. Altogether, the face appears very harmonious. This description fits you? Then you’re in the right place. We will show you which sunglasses show off your type best and which sunglasses by Kapten & Son are the perfect match for you. Our tip: stand in front of the mirror and tie back your hair tightly - this is how your face shape becomes visible. Or you can take a selfie and follow the contours with your finger to determine which face shape you have.

Suitable Glasses

Everything is possible – these glasses match your type

Congratulations! An oval face is considered the ideal shape and all the options are open to you. Angular, round, flashy or subtle - it’s totally up to you and your personal preference. Oval faces can wear anything. However, you should make sure that the width of the glasses matches that of your face. This means the sunglasses should frame the widest part of your face - that’s the perfect fit you’re going for. You should avoid sunglasses that are too narrow or too wide. Each pair of glasses has its own effect and makes you appear completely different. Angular glasses are bold, round ones make your facial contours seem softer. Dark and unique models are always an eye-catcher and can come across as very dominant. Consider which sunglasses fit you and your style best. We’ll introduce all our cool it-pieces by Kapten & Son and you simply have the impossible job of taking your pick.

Sunglasses by Kapten & Son – these models fit oval faces

Maui:Our Maui is iconic, stylish and dainty. The round Panto-shape is a current trend and makes your facial contours look even softer. The Kapten & Son sunglasses exude harmony and life spirit - the perfect travel buddy for all Kaptens. The small version in S is particularly delicate. The Maui in size L becomes a greater focus. You’ve got the options of a black or tortoise print fame. All models can be combined individually with black, green or blue glass.

Fitzroy:The Fitzroy is creative and extravagant. No matter what you match it with - these sunglasses are a total eye-catcher. The round, flattened form with the bold double bridge is contemporary and ultra modern. The perfect mix of coolness and the fancy classic. With this model, you can also determine the frame and glass color according to your personal taste.

Venice:You’re into the classic and cool aviator style? Then our Venice is the right pair of sunglasses for you. Whether in size L or S, the dainty golden frame of these aviators spruces up any of your looks. The large, drop-shaped glasses promptly raise your coolness factor. You can pick black or green glass for a subtle look. The flashier and more modern choice is the mirrored glass in orange and blue.

You have questions about your Kapten & Son sunglasses or are unsure which model suits your style best? Then get in touch with our customer service via phone, e-mail or chat. We are happy to help you out and answer all your questions. Take a look around our store and find your dream sunnies! Be Kapten!