Your Kapten in silver – modern minimalism meets cool elegance

“Minimalism is not the lack of something, it’s the perfect amount of something.”

A watch by Kapten & Son gives you all you need: Time. Time to concentrate on the important things in life, to conquer the world and enjoy every single moment. Straight-edged, uncomplicated and delicate – with its great attention to detail, this watch case makes your Kapten an everyday companion – Kapten always fits. The stylish dial, whether in classic white or striking black, completes the watch’s look perfectly. Roman numerals and our expressive anchor logo give your Kapten its individual and unique character. The silver watch makes every one of your styles sparkle and adds a shimmery highlight to your wrist. Silver is cool, conservative and wonderfully flexible – that way your Kapten matches any occasion. Whether it’s a Campus or Campina, a white or a black dial – you decide. You can configure your own personal favorite watch in silver online and combine it with all of our straps.


Silver seduction – the perfect mix

With a silver watch you are part of the latest trend. From jacket to shoes – right now everything is sparkling in a cool metallic look. Naturally, this trendy color cannot be excluded from our watch collection. Silver is modern, elegant and simply radiates coolness. Cold and simple, you can combine silver styles with every outfit and color. It is the color of long, magical nights, reminding us of clear starry skies and the moon reflecting on the water’s surface. At the same time, it also looks like the modern skylines of vibrant metropoles sparkling in the sunlight. The shiny gray is the ideal mix of the timeless classic and cool modernity. Shimmery highlights and discreet subtlety. You can really show off the metallic color in combination with gray, black and white to create the perfect minimalist style. But silver can also be styled ideally with a mix of colorful patterns or wild animal prints.

One watch – an endless amount of styles

The silver case of your Kapten & Son watch is the ideal basis from which to create your individual style and your personal favorite model. You can combine the silver watch with every strap. Whether it’s elegant Mesh, summery Nylon, casual Canvas or classic Leather – your Kapten is a part of everything. You can get the all-silver-look with our “Silver Mesh”. The silver milanaise strap adds a beautiful shine to your wrist – some bling with that extra bit of coolness. If you prefer it more subtle, you can choose a simple Canvas strap or a timeless Leather strap. The silver watch becomes more sporty and eye-catching with our striped Nylon strap. No matter which strap you choose, you can combine every style with a dial in white or black. That way you’ll give each piece its own individual finish. Whether it’s simple or eye-catching, classic or fancy, sporty or elegant - with your Kapten you can express who you are. The silver watch adapts to your style and is ready for each of your adventures. Be Kapten!

You can find inspiration for great looks with your silver Kapten on our blog. Here, trendy fashion bloggers show you how you can integrate your watch with your favorite outfit. If you have any questions about your Kapten watch, get in touch with our lovely customer service via e-mail, phone or chat. Together we will find the perfect companion for you. Take a look around our online shop and configure your own Kapten & Son watch in silver!